Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Think I Might Be Dead--Dead Tired.

The only one with any sense around here is the kitten. He has been living the life of Riley while I have been cleaning every inch of this house.

This man is almost dead too. He has been working hard too. We had let our place go to the dogs I tell you! When did it happen? Is it getting new glasses? Where did all this dirt come from?

The bathroom turned out great if I don't say so myself. I told the teenager to leave it alone and not clutter it up with a bunch of crap.

This was the curtain I had which kind of influenced the paint color.

Pop even built a platform for this airbed. I saw they sell airbeds now with platforms that inflate.I did NOT come home and tell him that. He needed the plywood anyway. The grandson and his wife will be in here. That sounds so weird! My grandson is 19 years old and he got married!!

I did not get the cabinet painted, it was too wet outside. but shoot I did paint the bathroom and the little rocker, (picture to come later), and clean every dad gum thing in this entire building and lot! I was out washing the carport walls this morning and all the outdoor seating and the floor out there. It is great to take a scrub broom and the hose and just have at it. I wish I could use a garden hose in my house. I could live in one of those little cement houses like they have in Colombia. How cool would that be? Need to clean? Just get the mop and the garden hose. Spend the rest of the day in the hammacka. Don't I wish!

The problem with being such a maniac about having things right is that it hurts. I could use some morphine. I don't take drugs anymore though, with my new health nut kick; I through all my prescriptions away a couple of months ago. Which is why I titled this post, I think I might be dead. I'm alive but delirious.

The daughter in law is a germaphobe. Oh Lord help. She told me she is. We are not allowed to kiss the children. GIMME A BREAK! Are there any relaxed parents in this generation of mom's?
OK well I don't allow kids to walk around eating and drinking all over my house either so we should get along just fine!! Actually we will, but I never heard of anything like that in my life. No kissing.

She will not find one speck of dirt in this house though, I kid you not. Get your white gloves!

To be blunt, I will be on a blog break. Hunny couldn't hook up the computer downstairs and it's in the room where his son is going to stay with the little family so it's over and out for me! How am I going to relax? (Renfield laugh, twists hands, eyes twitching.)

You should see all the food I bought. Holy cow. Even a little basket of goodies for the little girl. All the baby stuff, swing, bouncy seat, port a crib, and all of it scrubbed and washed. A new dolly for the punkin.

The little crib fit in the cubby.

Have you ever seen the commercial of the guy riding the lawn tractor and talking about his debt all the while smiling like an idiot? He says "somebody help me." Ughhhh that would be me, my feet are freaking out. We will be having company until the 16th. I did not schedule any automatic old posts or anything. So I will just be gone... sobs... sniffs...

I hope you miss me I'll miss you.


Tricia said...

Enjoy your company! And of course we'll miss you! :)

joanne said...

I miss you now just thinking about it! Have fun with the family, you certainly earned it. And the house looks fantastic! You need to come here and just hang with me for awhile..;p

Chris H said...

I will miss you KD!
I hope you DO KISS the kids! Pfffffft!

WudWerkr said...

when that daughter in law comes in , id walk right up to her and kiss her right on the mouth .

then id telll her get over yourself lil lady

Laura ~Peach~ said...

my kids are laid back parents... they know better than to think i wont kiss the boy heck i kiss the ... anyway thats silly LOL... kiss the kids. just do it!!!
house looks great and i hope you have a wonderful visit!

Twisted Fencepost said...


Rosie_Kate said...

No kissing chubby cheeks? Oh dear. I wouldn't be able to handle that. I practically suck the cheeks off of every baby I meet! (But then, I have some pretty bad baby-fever!)

Maybe you should clue her in on a thing we all have called the "immune system". What doesn't kill you, literally makes you stronger!

Enjoy your company and your break!

Mental P Mama said...

Wait right there. You CANNOT kiss the babies? That is all kinds of wrong. Kiss them anyway--when no one is looking. And I love how the bathroom looks! Enjoy your hard labors. You deserve it;)

Michelle said...

Can't kiss the babies? What kind of rule is that? Sounds like that mom needs a glass of wine....

Have fun with everyone and I miss you already!

Cat Lady said...