Thursday, December 3, 2009

Always a LOT of Work.

I have been working on these. I have been painting and sanding and climbing on stepladders. I haven't been blogging much, because my body is working against my will. It just keeps going. I think I have those pink batteries in my innards. What would be nice is to sit down and have coffee. I would like to go blog visiting and reading, maybe even write a little.

Instead the work list is growing because now it is December again. What happened to this year? Didn't I just harvest my garden last week? How did this happen? I feel like Rumpelstiltskin.  Every year we haul out all this stuff.

It's a chore that I dread doing, alternating schizophrenically between bah- humbug and ooh goody it's Christmas! Is anyone else that weird? My back may go out while wrestling the tree into one piece, or hauling those storage boxes out from under the stairs. One never knows what perils lie waiting to plague one while getting into the festivities. Then you may happen upon a loan dead cockroach ( it's the South)or a spider lurking in the tissue paper.

But when it's done....and the music is playing.

I shout halleluiah I am finished let's celebrate!
Bring on those libations!
Yeah libations--spiked eggnog--hot toddies--Ben &Jerry's
OK--a glass of wine will suffice.
It's ready for Santa if he should happen to be in the neighborhood.
He is here.
That's good news. He'd smile but his feet are temporarily resting on my present. It's flooring! It may be next Christmas before we finish putting it in but it's going to get done eventually. Do you know what the perk is for him? Can you guess why a man would volunteer for a job like this? He doesn't have to do any shopping, other than trips to Lowe's! That place has become our second home.The man is comfortable at Lowe's.  He has been working very hard in the utility room. It is almost finished, when you see that you will be impressed.

The other little project I did yesterday was put these "valances" up. It's actually just fabric kinda wrapped around the rods and pinned with straight pins, a real Joe Maggee job. Joe is proud!  I have learned from the master.If you sew and are wonderful please don't say anything. This is it around here; me and Joe.

Joe rhymes with Moe which explains this picture.

Just when you think your family is complete someone else wants to move in. Meet Moe. He got left when the next door neighbor moved away. Moe eats here daily but never wanted to come in until the weather cooled off. Now, he is coming in the house. Santa is not so keen on another indoor/outdoor critter. I am perplexed. I am a dog lover! What is the deal with all these cats? A big cosmic joke. Moe is a nice cat, he is shy, but he's OK for a cat. He is neutered which is great. Tucker is at the vet today having that rude operation.That is his Christmas present, getting his cat nads snipped. I wonder if the Marlboro man snips their pets? The calf nut posts are really something aren't they? Pruning sheers and a hot fire....sounds like a song--"calfnuts  roasting on an open fire". I'm really getting into the holiday spirit don't you think?

As you can see all of this work and not enough sleep last night has provided you with a lot of free flight of ideas! Yeah it's rambling. But if I don't post it you may not hear from me until New Year's. Well at least that is my excuse.

Merry Christmas to us and God bless us every one.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

waving hands frantically in the air... I am that person who hates this season yet guess who went and bought a new tree (on sale) and pretties for it and put it up and decorated it all by herself last night??? yeah scrooge did it...
and i even managed to get one persons gift... STEPHANIES LOL... my son daughte rand hubby are sol... they wont say what they want... she did ... they have all been warned...
love all you guys accomplish we are gearing up to finish the out side of the house and roof... then hopefully the inside will follow... its a 23 year work in progress and it NEEDS to be done!~
Ps... need to discuss school stuff with you at some point... I am trying to decide what is the best way to go from LPN to RN...

Rosie_Kate said...

Wow! Now come and decorate my house. I don't have the energy.

Oh, and "cat nads snipped"-- HAHAHAHAA!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your decorations!!! I'm still not done... Ugh.

My verification word is "bless". Cool.

joanne said...

wow...and I thought I was random!

Chris H said...

Your stairs are going to look fantastic.
YOur tree is gorgeous.. so is your 'Santa'.
There is NOTHING wrong with your valances!
Cats... yep I'm not a cat person at all! Rude operation... ha ha ha!
Teddy had one of those... he wasn't impressed either.

LDF said...

I really like your valance. Who cares HOW it's attached! I'm not wild about the fou-fou decorating part of the season either ... but I was sitting looking out at my balcony the other evening and thought to myself "sure would look pretty with some lights out there across the balcony railing" ... YIKES! What's happening to me!?!?

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like Santa is a busy, but sweet fella that would do anything for his Mrs. This is GOOD!
Love the tree and the valances.
Glad to hear from you. I hope your not away until 2010!
I have not even begun to decorate. But that could change at any time, depending on my mood.

Unknown said...

It looks so good Karen Deborah! We have to do it. I don't know what I am waiting for... : ) I guess someone to call me to volunteer to come and do it for me : )

English Cottage in Georgia said...

I dislike pulling out the boxes, but once out - I LOVE DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! English Cottage is a virtual Christmas Tree forest!
Your Christmas decor is fabulous. ....can't wait to see your finished house projects:-)