Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OK I've Got A Proposition.

I have noticed that we are all having postSANTAdepressionitis. That is a new word. Everybody is blue, well it seems like it. Everywhere I have been reading people are bleak.

  Santa skipped me completely this year. It is the first time on Christmas morning that I had no gifts. I had some early ones and I bought myself some. I had told my husband he didn't have to get me anything because of our finances. Wow big mistake. He took me at my word. Go ahead and say it, "you asked for it." Well being smart has never been a total state of being for me. I alternate between smart and insanely stupid. You just can't predict your emotional reaction to something. ZAP SMACK KAPOW, it was a total bust. Combined with the fact that said husband would not get up out of bed. He moped around and acted withdrawn and sappy; and the kid would not open her gifts until said husband was present. By then I was mad, yelling,  and every other negative adjective. Go ahead and give it a whirl, yeah that too.

  As Kayla opened each gift (at 10:30 after said husband's shower!)  she looked sweetly at Pa and thanked him. Once when she held up a pair of earrings he did actually speak. He said, "Never seen them before." That should have given clueless a clue as to WHO was responsible for her awesome Christmas morning; but nope. Clueless undauntedly continued smiling at that MAN. Ever seen Bill Cosby's skit (Bill Cosby Himself) about teaching his son to play football? When the kid is a star and all the glam is on him you know, the spotlight and the microphone; the kid waves to the crowd and says, "Hi Mom." Yeah, something like that.

  Did you get the idea that Christmas morning was a total bust at our house? The next day I packed up all the decorations and put them away.  I know the meaning of Christmas, but it didn't help. I had some great experiences prior and after. I did have a couple of nice gifts before.  The actual morning was not pretty. I'm still a kid, I like the magic and the fun. I wanted my husband to think about me and at least get UP out of bed early, and smile, and be sweet. He could have tried to make pancakes. Or a card with a promise for a date or something. that is the point SOMETHING not NOTHING! He could have least tried to be somewhat festive instead of a big grump. I could've killed him!!

  Anyway, it's done. So if you want to air your disappointment go ahead. OR...

  On the other hand. I have an idea and this is the proposal. How about we just move on and have some fun.
Karen at TheRockingPony.blogspot.com gave her kids an awesome gift. She painted their rooms and fixed them up the way the KIDS wanted them to be. I was thinking about some times when my Mom re did my room as a surprise and it was not such a great surprise. Once it was really bad. So did you ever come home to a room that was redone for you and what was your reaction to that?

  Well what do you think? Does it sound like fun?

  If I was smart I would set up that Mr.Slinky so you can leave your story and all that. If you want to do this maybe I'll figure that out. If you really want to do this maybe I will pick my favorite best story and give a prize.
Maybe we better just have your story in the comment section or send it to me in an e-mail. I can post the best one.

Want to play? Want to win something?


Angela said...

Actually we ended up rearranging two of our three children's rooms. Randan ended up getting Shaneah's double bed from her bunk and she got the top bunk. Her room looks HUGE now.

Like you, I was NOT in the Christmas spirit. It was VERY difficult this year. Worse one ever spiritually and emotionally.

While rearranging my daughter's room I was not the ever so loving mom, told her she was a filthy pig in the way she kept her room. SIGH.

I purposely kept gifts that friends gave me for Christmas day because like you, I told hubby not to buy me anything. All the gifts I did get for myself, from everyone, I wrapped individually and than oohed and yaaed over them and thanked them..They looked at me and said,,'what did I get you?'

Next years tradition for christmas day will be NO LONGER stay in pj's the entire day. It used to be wonderful this tradition, but this year, I was totally depressed and was even thinking about not having Christmas brunch at the house. Thank God my mother said she still wanted to come over after I suggested not getting together,,lol

Karen said...

You know, I never thought about my own room as I was doing a re-do for my boys. But now that you've brought it up, I clearly remember my mother buying new things for my room all the time when I was little (curtains, bedspreads) and never once consulting me about what I wanted. Red velvet curtains aren't the best for a little girls' room. Esp if that little girl is so very tomboy.

Go, me!

And thanks for the link love. :)

LDF said...

Sorry to hear you've got postsantawhateveritis! My family moved to another community when I was about 8, and an Auntie "did up" my bedroom specially for me before we arrived at the new house. She sewed curtains and pillow shams with black French poodles on them ... unaware that I HATED poodles of any kind! My reaction was especially negative as I had lost my black cocker spaniel shortly before the move. Sheesh! Fortunately for me, we only stayed in that house a few short months, and the curtains and shams got left behind when we moved again. Okay, now I have an urge to redecorate my own bedroom. Cheers!

Chris H said...

I always tell Stew not to buy me anything too.. cos we get each other stuff all during the year... so I do know how much of a let down it can be if the MAN does as we say on this special day! Mine didn't listen to me and bought me a couple of lovely presents anyway.... and I gave him some too.
Your hubby needs to be throttled!

Flea said...

Chris and I didn't get anything for each other, but we both made it VERY clear in advance. Nothing. Our anniversary is in three weeks and we agreed to have our swap then. It didn't hurt any that my grandmother died and we were really busy over Christmas anyway.

I don't recall ever having my room redone by someone else. I always did my own decorating. Magazine pictures, homemade posters, anything I could put on the walls and get away with. It rocked. My room was the same forever.

My kids? I don't decorate their rooms either. They make their own messes and collect their own clutter for walls and surfaces. It works.

Michelle said...

I had no Christmas spirit this year either. What is up with that? Just not into it. Then, there is always that letdown after the holidays. Yuck. Moving on....I let my kids pick out their own paint color for their rooms and they pick out the decorations. Nothing fancy or elaborate, but the rooms are colored/arranged with what they enjoy. That does not mean that they stay clean....

Chris H said...

ARe you still in Madison??? email me a yes or no.. cos I hope I've still got the right address!

Jeanie said...

Now I want to throttle your husband. What IS it with men? Maybe he was dealing with his own depression. I think I sometimes am looking for the excitement and wonder of childhood christmas and it just isn't there past childhood.
I remember my mother letting me have my room painted chartreuse when I was a kid, because that was what I said I wanted, and then I had to pretend that I liked chartreuse for a lot of years.

Tracy said...

Boy, I've had a few Christmases (sp??) like that as well. I've actually taken all of the decorations down ON Christmas day after everyone was gone. It was just that bad. Last year there was nothing in my stocking!! How depressing! Everyone had a lovely stocking...except me. And I know, you try to tell yourself that it doesn't matter, but it does. Hopefully next year will be better for you Karen. Hugs!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

How stinky to have no gifts and a grumpy husband to boot. Our worst Christmas was a few years ago. Someone gave us some money and we all got one gift. It was bleak. My gift was a trade-in so I really got nothing. I don't like to think about it. And one year I was mad at my husband--this was a thousand years ago--and I got him nothing. I still feel bad about it. He luckly doesn't remember.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Poor guy. He was probably feeling bad because he couldn't do more at Christmas time.
When I was young my favorite color was purple. I came home one day to find my room had been painted lavender. Mom said purple was too dark. But I was happy with the lavender. She also made curtains and a bedspread to match.
Yea, I loved my room.

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I feel bad for you and lots of other people that they didn't have a very happy time this year. I hope your new year is better!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet Karen... Men don't understand. They just don't.

So... we went shopping together. One of the reasons I hate shopping is my accountant husband who totally stresses me out. My way around that is to not do it much. He doesn't complain when he goes and sees for himself how much stuff costs. When he doesn't see that somehow I'm the bad guy.

Anyway, so we are shopping and he goes and gets a jacket and tells me that is what he wants. I already had something I wanted to get him. But... I agreed and then we went to a sporting good store and bought me a hiking back pack... which I wrapped myself. I was a bit upset about it and then decided to give him what I planned anyway. One of the Dad's at Jacob's school is a professional photographer and I bought a bunch of pictures of him from football and baseball and framed them for Hubby's office. Boy, was he surprised Christmas morning and I could see he really liked them but wasn't happy that I spent the money. He never did crab at me about it and I went and hung them the other day for him and he loves them.

You know... I was sick. I went to the doctor Christmas Eve and had double ear infections and a sinus infection but just kept going. We had people over both days. I was on my feet all Christmas day. I usually lose it at some point because no one is helping but they did help me before I got there. It was a nice Christmas.

My mom re-did my room several times while I was growing up and I LOVED it every single time. I was an easy kid that way. However, clothes? HOLY COW!!! I have some horror stories from when I was in high school.

Khris said...

You know it was refreshing to read somebody being totally up front about how shitty Christmas day can be. Not that it was for me this year but we do have those moments and dont really want to share it because of what others might think....but its nice to have at least one pressie to open on Christmas day. Or a card and some breaky....Life it too short to let things bring us down and even the little things matter. Big hugs to you my friend...Khris

sweetjeanette said...

hmmm... I remember a birthday like that. And he left and went to his little brother's baseball game to boot!!! I still remember that and it was 20 years ago! ROFL!!!!
what are those words again? oh yeah, "but I'm not bitter" LOL


Mental P Mama said...

I had a birthday like that once. He learned his lesson. Big time. I hope 2010 is brighter and better! We need it! Happy New Year to you!

Karen Deborah said...

LDF I think your story was the worst and I love poodles. I would not however appreciate a poodle room. You win for best "worst room make over story."

Bluebird49 said...

"This man is always thinking of others, he is the real deal; a good man. I am crazy about him but you know that. Today I am thinking about being thankful for him, and for 22 years of marriage. How does that happen? One day you are young and saying "I do," and 22 years later you are much older and still together and more in love than when you started; it is a mystery and a gift."

Sorry, Karen. LOL. I'm not trying to be mean, really! I remembered this post. And I thought, "Wow--what a thoughtful, giving man---and he's not all that young to be doing all that hard work. What a sweetie he is!"

I remember telling my DH not to get me anything a couple of times, and he took me at my word--we had already given "our gift" to one another (a laptop), and I got zip!Zero!Nada! I should have never said, "Now, don't get me anything!"

I guess our menfolk (who are really good menfolk) really think we mean what we say! Hope all the work youall are doing gettting your home beautiful will get him out of the doghouse soon!