Monday, December 28, 2009

We've Been Watching Movies

What do you do when your tired of everything else? I go to the movies or go rent a pile of them. Lately we have done both. So move over Grandma J, I am going to do some reviews!

AVATAR. We loved this movie. We saw it in 3D and it was just awesome. EXCEPT for the story line of the old evil exploiting empire= us Americans. It's Dances With Wolves in space.
The planet Pandora ( is this from the fable Pandora's Box?)  is a very beautiful place and all the creatures are very engaging to look at. Personally the riding of giant butterfly colored flying prehistoric birds is just way to cool, and very exciting. I really loved the movie, I'm just sick of this story line. I think it's terrible when a story makes us all hope that OUR marines get killed off so the other guy can win. You will feel that way because what is being done on this planet is soooooo wrong.

Now for a really big surprise. This movie is old news; it is a new release at Blockbuster. When is the last time you read a blah book and the movie is better? Has Holly wood ever taken a book and made it better before?
Isn't it ALWAYS, "they ruined this book"?  If you remember I wrote a pretty tough review of the book "Julie/Julia the project. I really loved the idea but the book was just trashy. There was so much in it that a really good editor would have cut out. Guess what? That is exactly what they did in the movie. I rented it and LOVED it! The movie develops the story of Julia Child in more depth. The movie cuts out all the profanity, the weird sex ideas, curiosities, and other thoughts that are not related to the overall theme of this story. The movie also cleaned up the Julie character giving her a more compassionate heart. In the book she is very cold and detached. In the book she is not just a bad housekeeper but a disgusting one. The movie cleans up the apartment, makes it inviting, including making you feel like you could go over and eat there. I loved the movie.
I hated the book, and that ladies and gents is a first for Hollywood.

What else have we been watching? Thought you'd never ask. Every Hallmark movie on TV, and all the Christmas specials. Are you wondering if something is different? Do you remember we turned off our TV months ago?

I have some splainin to do.

We got a notice that our DSL bill would increase by $15 a month, our new subscriber special was completed. They also offered us basic limited cable for $5. a month and that would keep our current rate for the DSL at it's current price. So the question was to pay $5 more for more services or $15 for the same. They got me. I turned it back on. I have been like a junkie on a binge ever since. Me the person who said they didn't miss TV has been stinkin glued to the dang thing. I watched Holiday On Ice twice because I loved the music mixed with the skating and the alternative was to clean house or some other notion that I could easily talk myself out of. It seems that everything these days is distracting me from my blog. Today I got up and declared that I would post! So here it is! I know you are greatly relieved that I have not slipped into non blogger oblivion. I do however think it would benefit me greatly to go back to work and get a life.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to here that you joined the matrix.


WudWerkr said...

I have a regular antenna , I refuse to pay someone for the privilidge of watching my tv .

Anonymous said...

I just watched the movie Julie and Julia last night. Your review explains why Julia probably did not like Julie. I imagine if her book was full of that stuff that her blog must have been as well.

We saw Invictus the other day. LOVED it!

Flea said...

LOL! You caved to cable, huh? Enjoy it, then. And thanks for the Avatar warning. My crew saw Sherlock HOlmes and loved it. I wasn't too keen on it, but now want to see it.

Chris H said...

I had a dream last night, and in it YOU can to stay.. and you spent ages in my garage tidying it up... and all my materials got sorted out too! So WEIRD... I woke up fully expecting to see my garage all tidy! Pffffft.. will have to do it MYSELF now.
ha ha ha.

farmlady said...

Thanks for the reviews. Now I know what to spend our meager finances on if we decide to go out to a movie. The Avatar movie sounds like a movie we might want to see on a big screen (for the special effects). That will probably be the choice if we go, but it's so much easier to wait and watch movies at home.
TV is a choice and I don't happen to think that it's all trash. There are some good programs and wonderful shows. You just have to know when to turn it OFF.
I do agree that it's getting expensive. You got a good deal with the powers that be.

Michelle said...

My husband and son went to watch Avatar and liked it. My daughter and I watched The Princess and the Frog and we both loved it. Very cute.

LDF said...

I've been watching movies too, and really enjoyed both Avatar and Julie Julia. I don't have cable tv ... in fact, I don't own a tv ... but do download movies to my laptop whenever I get a chance. Sometimes I find one that I want to see on the big movie screen in town, like Avatar (tomorrow night!)

Karen said...

Seriously? They cleaned up the Julie/Julia movie? I'll definitely have to go see it because I thought the plot of the book was good but like you, hated so much of the crap that went into it. Thanks for the review!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. The idiot box is quite the tempter isn't it?? I can't watch 3-D movies or I get seasick! But I did see "It's Complicated," and it is wonderful! Welcome back!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I watch very little tv. But my Captain would be lost without it.
One reason is because when I sit still I fall asleep.
Another, I prefer to keep busy. So I don't fall asleep. LOL
But we do watch movies quite often, that is when they can get me to sit down long enough.