Friday, April 30, 2010

Miracles Happen.

Have you ever really wanted something?

Something you could almost taste.
Something that you believe is right but seems so impossible?

Something that could change the life of a young woman. Something that could totally alter the future of a young woman who once rode the "short  bus" to school.

Kayla's journey has been rocky, she "is different but not less".  This last year Kayla has matured amazingly.  She is finishing her first year of college at the local junior college. This year has shown that she CAN do it. She has done well. She likes going to college. Her peers think she is smart. Hearing that has done so much for her!

Kayla never fit in. Her development was always at a different pace. She is however a very bright and talented young lady.

This is the school that I have dreamed of for her.  It is an amazing place. The campus is gorgeous. Classical music is piped outside. There are flower gardens and gazebos with rocking chairs in them. It is the epitamy of southern grace and charm. A Christian college where the values we believe in will be taught to her. This school has a distinguished record in many areas of study, art, drama, dance, education, pre med, for some starters. The class sizes are very small 15 to 20 students in each. The teachers are excited and dedicated, they enjoy their jobs! Kayla's year this year has been very unenthusiastic, but she did well anyway. Her passion is to draw. She loves to draw costumes and her imagination is terrific. She also loves school age children and is considering teaching. What is so great, is this environment can help her to achieve not only her potential, but her dreams.

A college like this costs a lot of money. Remember , this is the impossible dream, on our meager income.


When God enters the picture,
life becomes full of delightful surprises.
God delights in His children.
His love is so bountiful,
so beautiful,
so amazing.

We went to a meeting at the school because Kayla has been accepted. We were looking into her financial aid. As we sat in the meeting the woman helping her kept telling us of all the different funds that were available to Kayla. The list just kept growing. The college has awarded Kayla a tremendous package of grants and scholarships. With just a small subsidized loan she can GO! Did you hear me?
Kayla can go!

While we were sitting there we had been told that work study was a year's waiting list.
Just that morning a senior had given up her position of tutoring kids in an under privileged area. That is a perfect match to Kayla's heart. She was offered the job--ka ching!" Oh, and it looks like someone else has decided not to accept their offer because $500 in this other fund just came into my computer, and I can give that to Kayla" - ka ching!  The basketball coach desperately needs a helper--ka ching!
We got a pile of gifts, just by sitting in the office that day. We just sat there (my mouth may have fallen open) watching as God pulled money from thin air. When it was all said and done the bottom line out of pocket expense to Kayla, is very very do-able.  Kayla is going to Bellhaven University. The girl is on cloud nine. Her feet are not touching this earth. We are praising God.

When we came home and told Pa, he started crying.
I looked at Kayla and said,
"You ain't seen nothing yet kid,
Just wait till you GRADUATE!"
I can just see us up there bawling our eyes out.
Aren't you happy?
Yes! Can't you see how happy we are?
We always bawl our eyes out when we are happy!

If you have an impossible dream, don't give up.
God is faithful. He can do it.
I can't.
You can't.
That is when--

Just believe.

His love has no limits
His grace has no measure...


Troop Coordinator said...

After reading this post, I'm bawling with you. God is amazing! What a blessing for your family.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Papa isn't the only one crying tears of joy! I'm so excited I could BUST! Praise the Lord! Way to go Kayla! "Pat-pat" to papa and Nannie! (I gotta run get some tissues!)


Tricia said...

Wow! That is amazing! I love when God works things out like that!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yay! Congratulations to you ALL!
I'm so happy for you. This brought tears and I'm not even there.

Rosie_Kate said...

Yay! That's so wonderful! Congrats to Kayla!

I think a cousin of mine went to Belhaven for a while (unless I'm getting it mixed up with a different school, but I'm pretty sure that's it...).

Kathy said...

We are all just a bunch of old crybabies here. I am crying too, with joy for her, and my throat is tight, and my nose is sniffling.

It sounds like so perfect for her!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Day Kayla! Wonders never cease!
Love, Lucy

joanne said...

Oh KD~ this is wonderful news. Who says there are no miracles any more??!! Fantastic. Congratulations Kayla, you have obviously worked very hard to earn this opportunity and God was watching all this time. you go girl!

Anonymous said...

Praising God with tears in my eyes, for this wonderful thing He has done. Yay!!!!!!!!!

Julie Harward said...

Yes...there is nothing that he can't do..we are so blessed that he does it for us. :D

Jeanie said...

Beautiful story and beautifully told. Your love for her shines through.

farmlady said...

I'm so happy for Kayla.
Sometimes when you really try to do something for a child and your heart is filled with love for this child, someone takes notice. They are great rewards for those who don't give up.
Kayla deserves this gift... and you and your husband deserve to feel wonderful about it all.

Chris H said...

How fantastic for Kayla!
I am not a religious person at all... but I do believe someone was watching over your girl!

Mental P Mama said...

I am crying, too! WOW!

Karen said...

God is good. So VERY good.

Kat said...

And I'm crying too!!! Just so wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Good Lord, I can hardly see the screen to comment! BAWLING TOO!!! I am SO EXCITED AND SO HAPPY FOR KAYLA!!! WOW!!! Wow...

Bluebird49 said...

OH!! Kayla-----how absolutely wonderful for you! You serve an awesome God---and your grandmother is quite awesome, too! I love, LOVE stories like this---and it's a TRUE story!! How wonderful is that!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

That is amazing and wonderful news! I am so happy for all of you! She will do great things for God.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful blessing. You go Kayla. You can do it!!! God got me thru college the same way! Work hard, it is worth it!!!