Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inside A Random Mind

Yesterday, the Hunny came home about an hour early from working. I had been feeling sorry for him having to work on the holiday. He has been putting in some Saturdays too. He is feeling it, not being a spring chicken anymore. He is definitely a seasoned rooster. Cock a doodle doo!

He was sittin in a chair with his feet propped up, and he says, "Wife- he never calls me Karen, he always calls me wife how about if we trim some trees and you come show me which limbs to cut?

I am thinking to myself that he should just sit there with his feet up. But being a nice lady occasionally, I said "Sure if that is what you want to do."

I wish I could have taken pictures of what happened. We had just started and the wind started blowing big time. Wind here can blow a big  person down the road.  I hollered at the man, "It's fixin to STORM." I was hollering so he could hear me. We are both pretty HARD OF HEARING without a big wind storm blowing the words away.

The man made the executive decision to continue.

And it rained.

It was a gully washer. Too much rain for pictures.

We were completely soaking wet, and it was fun. We weren't hot that is for sure. I was thinking that maybe I should do more yard work in the rain.  I did a real red neck thing. I grabbed my mop bucket and caught the rushing water from the gutter spout and dumped it into my garden where the rain doesn't get too. Saved myself a bit of money! The water was just gushing, it took about 3 seconds to fill the bucket up. That is a lot of water.

But then, just when we had a full driveway of limbs that were humongous as in about 12 feet long each.
The CHAIN SAW BROKE. The rain was letting up in intensity, which was good, but the whole front yard was a pile of limbs.

Uh oh.

So what did we red necks do?
To accomplish this?

The Hunny goes to his bottomless pit of tools and brings out this electric saw that would be perfect for carving up a turkey, and I get out my loppers.

We got the pile done.

Soaking wet.

Did you know how hard it is to see in the rain if you wear glasses?

I did not get to close to the chain saw or the electric saw, not when the Hunny is saying he can't see. Yeah right. We are nuts, it is official.

I just admired the results.

Can you believe I still have not planted the planters by the door?

If I wasn't so cheap I'd stuff them with artificial flowers. The gorgeous kind that cost about $10 for each branch. It'd cost a small fortune to fill these up.

But empty? GAH what am I thinking? Not.

This time of year. Everything starts going berserk.
At times I cannot even get a foot into an area to do any work.

My jumbo grande zucchini plant bit the dust.
the worms got it.

This is out of hand.

A jungle.

This is better.

Bush whacking.

Some stuff I just yanked up and tossed.

I found some whopper cucumbers that had travelled way back into the jungle.

Little suckers thought they might be watermelons.
Look at these tomato plants.

Wish I was picking fruit from them.

Still green and the birds have gotten all the ripe ones so far, they are pigs.


They get so greedy they start pecking the green ones. I get mad when they take a bite out of each fruit looking for the best one. Gimme a break.
I never have figured out a way to get them off the mater plants.
So then why did I have the Hunny build them some nesting places?

I thought we could give them some safe nest sites, but they have never used them. Birds can be dumb.

We used to have a pair of doves that built nests here every year.
They chose the most precarious places. One time the top of the weed whacker, that was terrific.  Another time in a plastic ice cream bucket on top of an out door freezer. We had to provide some help for those babies to make it. In a strong wind the bucket blew off the freezer and the little babies blew into the yard. My husband was looking for them and could only find one. He put the nest back into the bucket and the one baby. Then he saw our good dog Rasmus  focusing intently on something. He had found the baby and was waiting for the Hunny to come and get it. Good dog.
So both babies made it. The Hunny duck taped the bucket to the wall. Course then he had to repaint the dang wall. The things we do for critters.

And before you leave if your still here I'll just show you the garden.
So you can think about what you want to do next year with your free seeds from my give away.

Every year mine is different.

I hope it doesn't bore you.

This year I put in low growing things.

Dwarf okra.

Sugar pie pumpkins. Cabbages and collards.

The pumpkin flowers are pretty.

And after all of that?

Why a nice cold coke float.

No not diet coke.

Horrible junk food and just the thing I wanted and couldn't resist.

It was great too.

Now, go sign up for your seeds.


LDF said...

If I wasn't sitting here drinking Chai, I would be seriously wanting a coke float too! Especially after that busy garden tour! Dwarf okra ... sounds interesting. Doesn't get hot enough for okra up here, so once in a rare while I have to treat myself to a frozen pkg of the stuff. Ick.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

A coke float sounds good right about now!

Your garden is amazing, and I will have to remember about yard work in the rain. I cleaned my porch once in the rain, and it was a HUGE help! ;-)


Sheila :-)

Unknown said...

Your home is so beautiful Karen. Very lovely!

Mental P Mama said...

Wow! What a jungle! And I'm glad you didn't get hurt in that chain sawing/monsoon fest! What is a sugar pie pumpkin? I think I want one.

Bluebird49 said...
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Bluebird49 said...

I'm glad no one was injured! I pray that we get rain soon--the crops are dying 'round here.We went to the nursing home and got Mama out and took her for a ride---she was just shaking her head at the "poor corn".

I would love to have your room to have your plants! We live on a sand bucket of land here! And with no rain--I just don't know how they would do--but if the birds ate my tomatoes, I think I'd get hubby to sit outside and be a scarecrow! (I couldn't kill them, either!)

And most importantly--who on earth would drink a DIET coke float? I haven't had a Coke Float in years and it sounds SO good!

Jeanie said...

You are an extraordinary gardener, not to mention tree cutter. You must not be a very good scarecrow though. haha

Twisted Fencepost said...

You definitely got it going on in the garden department down there!
Coke Float?! I haven't had one of those in years.

Karen said...

Your place is always just gorgeous, I love to see pictures. But the work! Do you ever sit and rest? Besides having the occasional Coke Float?

Chris H said...

Well done the pair of you!
as for the coke float... I reckon.... I would have been a million times better with DIET COKE! ha ha ha!