Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Here

I feel like a who in whoville, on a little dust speck. I'm heeerrrrrrreeeeeeeeee. bloggin has almost fallen off of my radar. I can't sit!

Can you believe that? How can you blog is you can't sit? I am sitting right now and there is a pole in one of those billowy cheeks, can't see it but sure do feel it. Not pleasant.
HOWEVER I am  endeavoring to re enter the land of the purposeful. The once completely empty calendar is beginning to have activities in it on a regular basis. Wowzas. Now I know most of you cannot relate to that at all because your calendar is chock full of too much. Be careful what you complain about because an empty calendar is only a relief for a short time. I think most of us humans like stimulation of some kind.  We are created to work, and we work to create. I am trying to do a bit of work.

The best thing is teaching a Bible study at church. I have been teaching in Jude and what a book that is! Teaching makes one dig deeper and we have been in this book for 6 weeks. I am learning so much. It is a joy to do it.

and  ta da da!!! I have a cute little old lady to help out a bit. Not a lot of hours at all and no lifting but it is such a joy for me. My friend was struggling taking care of her 96 year old mama who suffers from dementia but is otherwise very healthy. I started out by helping her now and then and giving her phone advice. Then I went for one afternoon and now we try for 3 afternoons a week about 12 hours. Absolutely stunning when you think that was my shift for ONE DAY. I've only done the 12 hours once.
This week is my second time. my back gave out, of course. The little I do is so enjoyable for all of us.
My friends home is so peaceful and so full of grace. I look forward to just going over there. I have thought a lot about what happens to a home that is prayed in the way hers is. The home becomes a holy sanctuary where the presence of God dwells. If there is nothing in your home that would quench the spirit of God, then the spirit remains.

This week I heard a profound statement on the radio. We need to live as supernatural beings in a human world; instead of living like humans in a supernatural world. BECAUSE we are immortal and this world is not. Chew that for awhile.

That's my little update. My family is fine. I hear from Kayla often but she is not ready to come home. I wonder about all the homeless people. how many of them have families that wish they would return? Why is it that some people in our culture cannot find acceptance except in the culture of being homeless?
It breaks my heart.

I am ashamed that I have still not sent a new baby gift to the new grandson he is a beautiful fat cherub.
I have a little pair of booties but I want something else to send along with that. Something handmade.

Would you believe I haven't taken hardly a picture? Life is changing again and it is good.
Except for the sitting issue. That makes it hard to read and write on a computer. I miss all of my bloggy buddies. I really do and I wonder what is going on. It takes me what feels like forever just to catch up on one blog. I have quite a few that I like to read so I am WAY WAY WAY behind.
However I am saving up for a little notebook or something I can type on while reclining, and then I'll be back full steam ahead at a slow pace, something I can manage. GAH what a bore!


Laura~peach~ said...

glad to hear you are being able to do a bit, you are so right an empty calendar is a pain...and i have heard and believed that we are supernatural beings in a natural world an amazing way to see things huh? love ya and glad to see when you check in!
continued prayers big hugs!

Kat said...

Glad to hear you are getting out and are so active lately. That is GREAT to hear. :)
Also, LOVE the supernatural beings comment. I don't know if you've ever read Embraced By The Light but it is one woman's account of her life after death story, and that is kind of the gist of her story. How we are all these remarkable spiritual beings and our time here on earth is all about learning and loving. Great book.

ANYWAY... glad to hear you are doing so well. Hope your back feels better ASAP! :)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you are feeling useful again. I know that is a great help emotionally!

6 weeks in Jude sounds WONDERFUL!!! Wish I could join with you.

No need to stop by my blog, nothing happening. Just sitting and waiting for this baby!! And praying for these fires to get put out. It is nasty down here.

joanne said...

for some reason my eyes will not allow me to read that beautiful blue script. Hope you are well and I'd love to catch up with you...shoot me an e-mail!

Mental P Mama said...

So glad you have all this great stuff now. But not about the back!

Chris H said...

Ya for doing stuff that you love.
Why can't you sit? I don't get that.
I have a friend who has CRPS... only in her arm right now but it is spreading. It's horrid.

joanne said...

Did I miss something??? why can't you sit? Oh no. Well, all I can do is sit for the next six weeks. Apparently when I fell and broke my ribs I also had some stress fractures to my foot, which I have been waking on. Just found out that I had a total foot collapse. I'm just sick about it, that's how I lost my other foot.
Would love to be in Bible study with you, would
take care my sweet KD, I think about you much and thanks for changing the blog colour, it's beautiful!

Heather said...

Good to see you blogging sorry to hear that it is hard for your to sit!! sounds like a good bible study I am looking for one myself to do ~I think that is so true about a house that has much prayer in it!! Have A Blessed Day today Love Heather