Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Squirrel-y News Flash

There are no AA batteries in the house. There are pictures on my camera that I cannot upload. Pictures of a pocket sized baby squirrel in my pocket. I now have a little nipple on a 10 cc syringe to feed a baby squirrel with. I have to admit that it's fun. Peanut makes a lot of cute noises and can suck that syringe down in a flat hurry. I suppose squirrel mothers are pretty busy and move pretty fast. Those little fellas learn to eat quick!!

We checked on the internet about what to feed him and how much. Fortunately for us this baby is about 6 weeks and fully furred up so he stands a good chance. We actually started out with two but one had been bitten by the cat and didn't make it. Cats have a lot of bacteria in their mouths.  I really can't get too excited about going to a vet with a squirrel. Sorry if that upsets you but I think we need to have rational perspective about critters.  Poor Roman got into a red ant hill and has one very sore foot and we did go to the vet for him, poor boy was going crazy from that! AWFUL!  You have to be higher up on the food chain to go to the vet around here.

Lest you think I am heartless I tried everything to save that little fella, even shaved a tiny fraction off of Romans antibiotic to give him a chance.   I put a heating pad under their cage and let him curl up on the nice soft bedding and he passed quietly in his sleep.

Squirrels falling out of their nests too soon is probably one of natures population control measures, which by the way doesn't work around here. We are INFESTED with squirrels. We just happened to find these. It wasn't hard when they were screaming because of cats. Peanut was not hurt. He is on his 3rd day and very lively. He has a good appetite. It's so funny to see how fast they can eat and when they are full that's it, DONE! He is very cute holding onto the bottle nipple and sucking away. All babies hold their bottles, in this case a syringe. Peanut takes 6 cc's at each feeding. Amazing isn't it? The website suggested adding a bit of banana to the formula and that was the ticket. He isn't ready for solids yet and won't eat a little piece of banana. The website said to give him formula soaked monkey biscuits and little bits of fruit one at a time just like a baby, when he's ready for solid food. I am grateful it can go potty by itself and I don't have to rub it's little nether regions with a wet cotton ball to get it to go. You have never in your life seen such tiny little poops.

Am I rational to be carrying around a squirrel in my shirt pocket?

Why do I have a squirrel nursery set up in my room?

Why am I syringe feeding a rodent with a tail?

BECAUSE IT'S a BABY and it's CuTe..... no other reason.

I'd say it's hormones but my ovaries are gone. I guess somethings never leave a woman's system.

Peanut also likes to snuggle down into the bottom of a sock and go to sleep. He loves Jennifer she talks like a squirrel to him. He loves riding in my pocket. His cage is big and full of that soft shaved bedding. He loves to burrow under it and run across, or climb around the cage. I was thinking we should put a tree branch in there for him to climb on. Maybe toys?

I wonder though what will happen when he grows up because if we try to release him here and he comes to visit, two cats will greet him. Not a good plan. Think think think.

I can just imagine a squirrel tearing up my entire house. The kittens gave the couch it's battle scars.
Oh well one day at a time.

This video is more like Peanut, he's part piggie.

How about a wild story? A true story! An AMAZING story.

Yesterday Heather sent Papa a text. The text read the following words.

Just woke up to a nekkid woman in my room trying to steal my Jujitsu robe.

Pa texts back, "Are u dreamin?"

Heather texts back, " No the cops are here she's been in a lot of houses up and down our street. She already had a pair of my shoes.   The cops are trying to cover her up but she won't let them."

Pa calls Heather, this is too much information for texting.

Apparently this woman was very high on some kind of drugs. She had a big stash of stuff from the neighbors. It's pretty hard to get away with a crime when you are nekkid in public in broad daylight.

Heather told the cops that in the South someone would say to them, " bless your heart". They had to smile at that.  Some days there just isn't enough pay for the job you do.


Michelle said...

That is one cute little dude. I would have him in my pocket too.

joanne said...

you funny, funny, crazy mama. I'm afraid the me in the white coats are right around the corner! ha.

Rosie_Kate said...

Can't wait to see some pictures of the squirrel baby! My husband has a funny thing about squirrels-- claims they're deadly. It's kind of a family joke (the kind that won't ever, ever, ever die...). I told him about your baby and he laughed and said to watch out cuz it might turn on you some day. :-P

Mental P Mama said...

You always have all the fun.

Heather said...

Oh how cute!! I am sure if you don't leave to much of an imprint on him you can release him and he would be fine you may want to contact a wildlife rehabilitation place they do a great job with animals in this situation I know Florida has a few of those around we had to use one once ~ Enjoy your new friend ...poor Roman and his foot those red ants are nasty aren't they I stepped on an ant hill before they really hurt when they bite or sting or whatever it is that they do ~ thanks for sharing your exciting animal adventure :) Love Heather

Kat said...

ACK!!!! Those videos are too much! So sweet I can't even stand it!!! I want a baby squirrel!!!! :)

Bluebird49 said...

Oh my--your mommy instinct just doesn't go away does it? I don't think it ever does in us...

Kathy said...

checking in on you and how is that baby squirrel?

LDF said...

no squirrely update lately ... how's things???