Sunday, November 13, 2011

This N That

HOW....Dee! Did ya hear Minnie Pearl? Instead of wearing a hat with tags I have jewelry with tags. I have been busy getting my display of Premier jewelry (proudly made in TEXAS!) organized and also getting a presentation that I feel comfortable with.  The next show I do I'll take some pictures. I think you'll like it! It's  been a challenge to book shows but the shows I have given have been fun. I learned a lot from the first one and each one teaches me more about how to do it better. The main thing is for the hostess and her friends to have fun!
I will enjoy making some money too. I am still recovering my investment. I got a great deal on real black velvet at Hobby Lobby and some decorative wire tree stands, some lights, some bling and then all the sparkleys; are you feeling it?

It's not all glam around here though. I have been tackling fur balls that look like tumbleweeds and little piglets in the pigsty. Mess, dust, grime, more mess.  When the mom gets out of commission for a LONG time the dwelling begins to take on the feel of a barn.  Letting the puppy jump on the bed wasn't too bad before he got to 70 pounds, now he can bust the springs. He sounds like a horse galloping when he runs his "hooves" pound the dirt, and then track it into the house.  I plead temporary insanity for picking oatmeal frieze carpet. Drugs mess you up prescription or not.

Hum and my other news is that I ordered my grand girl in the snow a warm coat and some very cute waterproof snow boots. Charged it courtesy of HSN. Of all the times in my life to rationalize the use of credit, keeping that girl from freezing seems reasonable.
I just can't even begin to think about Christmas. There are 6 weeks until Christmas. I don't want to shop,  decorate, or do any of it. Just call me Eb.  My idea of a great Christmas this year would be to go to all the ballet's and musicals and just enjoy.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it isn't commercialized very much although the stores are sure trying. We have decorations for everything.  I saw Christmas decorations out in late August when it's hot! I'm tired of being rushed. The week after Christmas the Valentines go out. I am feeling like stepping off the band wagon and just enjoy the way I want too. I had hoped to get some sewing done. The 6 week target on that ought to light a fire under me. It's all I can do to get done what I have going on now. Don't even say one word about that un-sentence, it's the drugs I tell ya!

I have a new toy. A lap top. Midge won it and was going to sell it on Craig's List because she didn't need it. I told my Hunny to buy it for me in an off hand way and he DID! I don't have it set up yet but when I get it done and buy one of those air conditioning lap pillows I just may be a regular blogger again!

Fall is officially here the trees are gorgeous, the air is cooler but still lots of sun shine. I'm ready for soups and pies, if someone else would do the work. I hope you are all enjoying this great time of year. Did anybody else besides me eat way to much candy after Halloween? I never get it right. Last year I ran out of candy so this year I bought candy and had 2 door knockers. We finished off the last peanut butter snickers bars tonight.  If I could swing my hips walking up the stairs I could probably do the bump with the walls.....just sayin.


farmlady said...

you've got this great ability to tell us something good and something bad in the same post and make it all seem like "all in a days work"
Don't worry about the push for Christmas. The stores are struggling and have to keep reminding us that there's a holiday coming... it's what they do.
I too have been thinking of soup and pumpkin pie. I was pretty good about closing my mouth to the candy this year, but put a piece of PUMPKIN PIE in front of me and I'm dead in the water.
Have a Snickers for me and enjoy the new laptop.

Heather said...

Ha we did the same thing with the Halloween candy and let me tell ya you should see the dust bunnies Bear creates we could name them there so big!! Glad to hear you doing well the jewlery adventure sounds exciting!! and yippe new laptop!! Hi and Happy Fall ~Love Heather

Kat said...

Those food pictures look way too good. Makes me hungry! And yes, I ate too much Halloween candy. Add that to my already too much weight gain. Not doing too good in that category. Ah well. The holidays are coming. This is no time to diet. ;)

Glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying the lovely fall weather! :)

Chris H said...

Hi sweetie! Feels strange you talking about pies and soups... here we are doing salads again... summer is almost upon us and it's getting so warm!

Someone was talking to me recently about CRPS and how if you eliminate all wheat based products from your diet it helps tremendously with the pain... worth a try?

Anyways... love ya!

Anonymous said...

i love your post! thanks for sharing... God bless you...

Debbie said...

Just thought I would drop in and say I have missed your blogging!! When you are back, I will be here to read!! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, and Merry Christmas!!!

God Bless~