Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Monthly Blogger?

Have I really become a monthly blogger? It seems so. I'm not sure how this happened exactly. There are people out there in bloggy land that I have come to love. Your the ones who share ideas, jokes, your families and struggles. My kind of people and really I do miss you.

I'm in a period of my life where getting things done is just hard to do. It seems my lists of jobs are much longer than the days and my ability to get a job accomplished isn't what it used to be.
For months I have been working on getting rid of excess stuff. I had a garage sale and did pretty well.
I still have 6 bins of books a huge train set an extra couch and a couple bins of just stuff. I'm trying to get the honey to get rid of some of the junk up in the shed too. It almost feels impossible. I could use a crew of helpers.

On the other hand I love my little old lady to death. She is the most adorable old lady I have ever had the joy of caring for. My love for her nearly brings me to tears. She is the one that is helping me. I hope that I can become like her. She  has the best disposition she just smiles and laughs. She can't remember too much and she is very demented but she is happy. She trusts, and she's flexible with changes, incredible traits in a human being. I want to be like her. She has qualities I admire so much.
Taking care of people like this always teaches me the VALUE of each human life. Just because someone has some kind of handicap does not mean they don't have a contribution of some kind. Many of them are here to teach us to have a greater capacity for love.

It was Hitler who thought that anyone who was not young, athletic and part of his program should die. Before the Jews were sent to the camps he systematically euthanized everyone who was "defected", more than 5 million people. Did you know that some schools are refusing to teach about the holocaust? Teenagers are not learning who Adolf Hitler is. What is forgotten can be repeated!

I had no intention of writing this. It's funny how writing can take on a life of it's own. My mind went down that path because I was thinking about handicapped people. I was thinking about how they are treated. A friend of mine used to call it being treated like an eggplant. Vegetables.  That whole term repulses me. A human being is never a plant. A human being needs to be treated as such for their entire life. The problem is it takes more TIME, and it takes more ENERGY and above all else it takes LOVE. People respond to love.

I have been busy with teaching my class on Sunday morning. I think that takes a lot of my writing energy. Some weeks I am so excited with what God has given me to give to the women. I have a little group. I have to confess that I have dreamed of being a conference speaker and teaching large groups, making a change in the world, but God has given me a few. I am content and grateful for them! I love them. It is a humbling thing to try and present the KING OF KINGS to others. It is a huge responsibility and I take that very seriously. Each week it is my goal to bring them something that will enlarge their vision of who Jesus is. Each week my own vision is changed. I am the one who is being taught. God is amazing. My love for Jesus is being rekindled with a new fire in my belly. I want Him to be my first thought and my last thought. I want to know Him deeper. I want everything He has for me.  I want Him to heal my body.

My bones hurt all the time, especially my hips. Even typing on a laptop in bed is very painful. I really don't blog as much because each post is written with pain. You know how I am. I don't like to talk about it. Both of my hips are affected and I have a lot of difficulty with everything.  It's even hard to sleep. After awhile turning from side to side just doesn't work anymore and I wake up. It's usually some awful hour like 4am. Yuk. I turn on my TV and listen to encouraging messages. A good thing that has come from this is I found Joseph Prince. What a teacher!!!! I can't get enough of his teaching he is brilliant and anointed by God in a most powerful way. My heart and mind expand with every message, my faith is growing. I praise God for this. God is using the pain in my hips to create in me a deeper capacity for Him. So you see it is true that God uses ALL things for good to those he has called. Amen!

Our house is decorated for Christmas. Jennifer and the children did all the work. I found a gorgeous leather couch at the Good will for $160. It looks fabulous.  So now my other couch is out in the carport sitting on a table with all the bins. The laundry room is so full of stuff you can't walk in there. Someone deliver me. I feel like that commercial

My daughter just came up to talk and I lost my train of thought. I'm looking at my cat. Big fat fur ball that loves my bed. He is so cute. My dog is cute my cat is cute my old lady is cute, I'm surrounded by cuteness. I've got cute people too. So much to enjoy. My goal today is to not stress over all the work that remains undone. My goal is to be thankful to enjoy this day as if it's the only one I have and to be gracious, and laugh. Life is so great with laughter.

My wish for you today is that you also have a heart of gratitude and ready laughter. I pray we all avoid the stress of this season and instead find ways to enjoy it. The music, the lights, the blessings and the promises. If not for the sweet baby Jesus their would be no Christmas at all. Enjoy this time, enjoy your families. For the young mommies who are tired and work so hard, tuck away into your hearts these times because the day will come when you look back and can see that these days are the best in your life.   May all of us do something to relieve the misery of others in less fortunate countries. buy coats for the freezing, food for the starving, buy someone a goat or some chickens or help provide clean water for a community. I wish that at Christmas instead of buying each other a lot more stuff we don't need we would focus on those whose needs are dire and do something for them. We could do a lot for the world each one of us.

 God bless you all! Merry Christmas!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Monthly, daily . . . it matters not how often we post as long as it is from the heart. It's nice to keep in touch with the daily doings because, really, our life is made up of a multitude of moments threaded together into a life. Glad you are celebrating the joyful things.

XO ~~ Debbie

Rita said...

It was good to read of you feeling overwhelmed with so much yet to do. I keep having the feeling God may have us move in the future and if that is true I have much to do. I keep working on it and yet....oh my, I must settle myself and do as much as I can and not worry about getting it all done now.

Debbie said...

It was so good to hear from you. I too, have trouble blogging because of pain in my hands. Thanks for sharing your cuteness with us and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

God Bless~

Bluebird49 said...

I am so glad I checked by here today. I just posted on my bog a day or so ago-and it had been way OVER a mont I may only do one a month--but hey--I ccan only "talk" when I feel I have something today.
And Baby--you had A LOT to has today! I can't tell you how happyI am for the woman who shared so much knowledge with me when Mama was in the nursing home! And gave me so much info for my own health--and even sent me BOOOKS and then my things from the country musi place you went to! What a generous person you are, and I love you for it.

I haven't decorated...wish I had a daughter here with me to help! :( BUt we're going to our sons, like we did for THanksgiving--so I'[ve put up a few little things I always set up---but I'm not doing a tree. I have no room. I need to have a yard sale--but it's gotten too chilly up in VA to do it. I need to GIVE away so much junk--or take it to the dump! I know one thing that makes me feel bad--is having TOO MUCH STUFF! I can't clean anymore than you can--and my house is much smaller (and messier and dirtier!) than your beautiful home!
I'm so happy to see a post from you, my dear Karen! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS--I'm so glad you have your little lady!:)

Kat said...

Well, now you made me cry. This is just what I needed today. Especially that last paragraph. I just wrote a post about how I am struggling to find the balance this season. How it shouldn't be this difficult. Thank you for the reminder to find the JOY even in the craziness because I know these really are the best days.
And now I'm choked up again.

I can see God working through you. You are so full of joy and love. Even with all your struggles you sound so full. Makes me smile.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.
God bless!