Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leavin on a jet plane....

I have been so busy. I'm going on a trip and for safety reasons will keep our destination private until we return. Five of us will begin a 20 hour trip across the world into a different culture to have an adventure.We will sight see and shop, make friends and walk for miles and miles every day.
It's basically an shop till you drop every day.


I have planned carefully to pack the lightest suitcase ever, 35 pounds! I'm a tad proud about that.
We are praying for sun and that the forcast will change.We will be walking a lot. I am already hot so cooling off will be nice.

My camera is packed and I'm ready to go.I'll have plenty to share when I return.
Until then take care and happy Easter.

love Karen.


joanne said...

be well and travel safe my friend.

Bluebird49 said...

And while shopping, you will have a lot to share with the people you meet there, won't you? :)

Heather said...

Have a safe journey and be blessed ~Love Heather

Debbie said...

Sounds like fun!!! Enjoy, be safe and come back with lots of stories and pics!!!

God Bless~

Mental P Mama said...

Be safe!!!

Chris H said...

I can't wait to hear where you went, what you did, what you BOUGHT!!!!