Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning

 What puts you in the mood for spring?

 Is it seeing the first blossoms or butterflies?
 Finding bird nests?

 Do you love blue eggs?
 I'm not sure how it happened but I did housework yesterday.
 I cleaned, organized and decorated a little bit. I worked at it all day. When I quit I had accomplished a good bit and it felt wonderful. Hurry get the camera for proof before it gets messed up again,
 Finally getting the laundry/crafting room done. Now I have no excuse for not making anything.
 I haven't been sleeping well at night. After all this work I figured that I would really sleep well last night.
 Last night we had severe thunder and lightening storms. Ha ha very funny. Actually it is funny so why am I not laughing? Maybe because I am sleepy?


farmlady said...

Go rest now. You did well. Everything looks wonderful.

Kat said...

Your house looks beautiful! I love your spring touches.
We had a thunderstorm the other night too. I LOVE thunderstorms. So awesome. I love falling asleep to rain on my roof. :)

joanne said...

those spring blossoms put me in the mood for the season to get the birdies and nests. Your home is so pretty!

Debbie said...

Your home is beautiful!!! I love all the little spring touches! I get into the spring mood, when I see all the Easter candies, etc in the stores. In the south, Eater always meant the beginning of spring, but up here in Ohio, we just never know.

God Bless~

Laura~peach~ said...

looks great ... my toy store eruption has me overwhelmed with trying to keep it at some reasonable level of livable clean... with two toddlers dragging out as fast as i can put up... well its safe to say they win often!

Mental P Mama said...

Looking great! Will you come up here and help me now?

jean said...

Your effort looks well worth it. Nice. Hope you get some sleep soon. I know what it's like to not sleep well at night.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

DK, I hope all is well with you. I tried to catch up on your posts, and I loved seeing the pics. I also hope you find out what is going on with Roman. I'm sorry you might have to give him up due to his itching condition, but if a change of climate would help, then that might be the best for him.

I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging. I've had computer issues and am on Mr. Magpie's work computer tonight. Don't know when I am going to have a chance to get a new one because I am up to my eyeballs in life stuff... Adelaide's husband had a triple bypass (unexpected), and another friend's husband is in the final days of pancreatic cancer. I have had no time to blog which I miss SO much.

I hope to be back by the end of spring. I miss you and all of my blogging buddies.

Take good care...


Sheila :-)