Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Couch Potato Get UP!!

 What do you do when you really want to get some creative juices going? How do you get energy and excitement to begin a project?  I have been struggling lately because of my feet. Inactivity and pain is a great recipe for watching your bohiney grow. I am feeling better now and my cast is off. I still can't walk a lot but I can get up and move around some. What I am really thankful for is a decrease in pain.
The main issue now is one of those physical laws about a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.  Picking up the remote and turning on the TV has become my first resort instead of my last.
 A friend told me that Jan Karon's newest book, "Return to Holly Springs,' is a really great read. I decided to go to the library and check it out. It wasn't there so I ordered it and while I was there I began browsing. Do you ever think about how truly blessed we are in this country to have libraries? Free knowledge to all, at our fingertips. AMAZiNG!
I want to learn to knit. I can crochet. Knitted things are so beautiful.
I love goregous hand knitted multi color socks.
 I have piles of yarn just waiting to be used.
There are babies coming that new blankets could adorn. Blankets I can work on while sitting.

 Another book that caught my eye is this one about gluten free baking. Some of you have been going wheat free and losing your "wheat belly".  I want to lose my belly, bohiney, and about one half of myself, so this looks verra interesting!
 Of course you know a title like this has got to have something between the covers.
 Yesterday I groomed Sam and bathed both the boys. That was my big feat of the day. When I bathe the dogs that also means that all the bedding gets washed, theirs and mine. Whatever happened my legs especially my thighs feel like they have had a major workout! Whew, feeling the burn.
 The hair on Romans ears refuses to grow. I don't cut it off it just stays short. Sam's ears are already really long and pretty. He actually looks too pretty to be a boy, poor thing.
 How about sewing? With limited funds buying clothes is definitely a no no. I don't NEED anything. Do you get depressed when you can't ever get anything new? I'm a greedy little punk so I do. I have material though. I'd like to make some shirts for fall. I found a couple of patterns that look really versatile. I cannot believe the price of patterns!!! GAH, nuf said. 

 Look at all this just waiting for a creative person to get busy and so something with it.
 Everything is ready to go except me. Today I fixed some clean good food. Quinoa and veggies with carrot juice was breakfast and lunch.
 That's already been a good bit to do today.  To start getting off of the couch I'll sit in the chair, and read. It's a change anyway.
If you don't stop a car before you put it in gear you wreck your tranny.
Today I'll read some of these library books and think about getting from the couch, chair, bed,  to the sewing room. Hopefully some of these books will be inspirational.

How do you overcome inertia?


Michelle said...

No time, at the moment, to be still. The kids keep me moving, and tired! I would like to learn to knit as well. Maybe someday.

Kat said...

My goodness! You really are such a creative person! So artsy! I admire that so much! I crochet and I was just thinking it was time to get started on another fall/winter blanket. :)
Hope you are up and about soon!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

The title of your post made me smile, lady!

Loved catching up a little and seeing those cute boys. They really are beautiful boys. Both of them.

Sending you some fall love and hoping it is happy!