Friday, October 12, 2012

Springing Into Fall

 It's still warm here. The nights are cool and the humidity is gone so this is actually what I call our California spring. Perfect weather. It won't last long a few weeks, but each day is just spectacular.

 It's a bit messy but that's how I roll here.

 My 15 pound feline, totally spoiled rotten.
 I have some ambitious ideas of turning men's shirts into aprons like this one.
 This is a big stack of possibilities.
 These are going to get made first if and when I get them cut out. I am desiring to become more productive again.
 If I can quit losing stuff. I literally lose things that cannot be found anywhere in this house.
 Do you think he is maybe burying my stuff in the yard somewhere?
 I decided since it isn't so burning up hot that I could do a bit of something while I am sitting. Still waiting on that Achilles tendon to mend. This is my current project.
This is a finished baby blanket that I made for a friend, can't wait to give it to her. It would really be something if I could learn to follow a pattern. All I ever do is make blankets. I know there are books but I am a visual learner think a class is in order.

I have a new camera but I lost my manual before I could read it. So I am still shooting on auto. I'd like to learn how to take pictures instead of snapshots. I have a big pile of library books right now.
One on knitting and crocheting, two on digital photography that don't speak English, and a fun read called " What the Dog Saw," by Malcolm Gladwell. He is a journalist and this book is a compilation of his favorite articles over 20 years. He can take just about any subject and make it an interesting read. I definitely left my usual genre on this one and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yesterday I baked a sweet potato pie and discovered why the butter has to be melted and not just softened. As you can see having the butter stay all in one spot didn't deter us from eating it. I was reading about pie crust in my JOY of cooking cookbook and I do believe I am going to get back into making pastry from scratch. I have been buying the rolled ones but now that they cost the same as a 5 pound bag of flour I think I will get  back into making my own. My husband loves pie maybe I can make him a pie a week. That would be nice of me wouldn't it? I need to do something to earn my keep, as my mama used to say. Just wait until I turn the AC off, I'll really get hopping.

How about you? Has fall inspired you?  Fall is really my favorite season. There is just something about the colors, smells, harvests, and fun that just never gets old. It's always a joy to smell apples and see pumpkins. The food is so great too, waffles with applesauce and just about kind of pie and soup. Now if it will just cool off enough for me to wear a sweater my joy will be complete!!

(and if I can find my lost stuff....)


Kat said...

Have I seen your cat before? So pretty!
You really do manage to keep busy don't you! Sheesh! So many projects! I love the aprons too.

The pie looks so yummy. Makes me want to make an apple pie. Back to the orchard I go! ;)

Hope the weather cools for you a bit! I'll send some of our cold your way. :)

Rosie_Kate said...

Your yard is gorgeous! I'm jealous because mine is dead and brown.

And the aprons! LOVE. Great idea.

Glad to see you're keeping busy. Busy makes happy.

Chris H said...

You are springing into Fall and we are falling into Spring! funny that.
Love all your photos chick.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I loved seeing all of your flowers, your pie, and your pics.

No, I haven't done the first thing. Well I am cleaning the house from top to bottom. But not one decoration yet. I'm skipping straight to Christmas.



LDF said...

I know I could EAT a pie a week ... but that wouldn't be a very good plan! Would love to see more about the shirts to aprons idea. I've been dealing with dental surgeries so haven't posted in ages. Maybe now that fall's here (snow predicted for our area tomorrow!), I'll get the urge to get creative again! Cheers,