Friday, June 14, 2013

Mercy is our Rescue.

Introducing MERCY.
She is here.
From this terrible situation.
 To this beautiful yard. She has been beaten, starved, abandoned, and she is pregnant.

But right now life is better and she is already smiling. We will keep her food bowl full. She is heart worm negative and less than a year old. She is beautiful. She is stealing my heart with her gentle calm spirit. If she can steal my husbands heart then I will keep her. That is a pretty big if. He has given me two weeks to find her home. She is pregnant though and will take a pregnant dog? Do I really want her to be taken?
 I'm glad she feels comfortable enough to trot around she has been cowering on the ground.

 So much to smell so much to enjoy.
 Am I safe? Is this real? Yes, Mercy it is real. I received mercy and grace when I was in her shape. I wasn't pregnant but I had been beaten and I cowered.  I can relate to her. She sticks to my hip like a glue stick.  I know I started this to foster but she is seriously pulling on my heart.
I hope she understands and figures out she needs to win over the hubs. Since it was a man who beat her that may be hard.  I can only hope and pray.

Sometimes on my blog I talk about blue sky thinking. If you could do anything what would you do? 
My blue sky dreaming is this;  to have a really big home down town near We Will Go where I can take in the old, the women, the orphans, and the dogs; I want to run a big home and be a big mama.
I want to teach these women how to feed and love their children. I want to take the elderly that need care and teach the young to love them. It's home schooling expanded to the community. I have always been multi-generational.  I don't believe in segregating by age. IF you don't isolate people they learn to love and accept each other.

This little 3 year old girl is already learning to love everybody. She is the daughter of ghetto missionaries. She is going to grow up without fear of color, without fear of age, she has a distinct advantage.  Our society would say she is very disadvantaged to be in this environment.  Jesus would say differently, Jesus is pleased.

It is hard to speak and ask for the poor. It seems to fall on deaf ears with all the other pleas for help.
Just like Mercy, if everyone would foster a dog, feed a child, donate to their local food bank, consume less; and give more; then we the people would change the world. That is another pretty big IF.


LDF said...

Good for you! Mercy is lucky to have you. My Bootz is a rescue kitty. Sometimes old traumas still haunt her - for example, she throws up on herself if there is a sudden loud noise outside our apartment, unless she's in the safety of my lap. Two decades ago, I worked at a kennel that took in rescue dogs and rehabilitated them for new homes. Oh, the sad tales! And, oh, the joyful outcomes! I will always carry memories of Luke and Moxie, Jewels, Seth, Spock ... and so many of the dogs I met there. They really steal your heart! But you obviously already know that ...

Michelle said...

How fortunate that Mercy found your home.

Kat said...

Beautiful post. Beautifully written, and beautifully said.
Thank you. :)

Bluebird49 said...

You have big dreams, dear! May they all come true~