Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My People Perish

Sometimes when we ask God a question he doesn't waste anytime in answering.
In my last post I had asked, "what would I do if I met a really hungry child in real life?"  
What affect would that have on me?
Sunday night I met two hungry children.
They had not eaten all day.
Monday morning we went with groceries.
For I was hungry and you fed me.
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink.
 The little boy was naked when we came. No diapers, no food. This is not this woman's home. It is an abandoned house with squatters in it, other street people took her in. She wants to go home to Texas to her family.
 We brought some toys and some love, food and clothing. I had brought a pair of shorts and we slipped them on the little man and packed everybody up in the car to go buy diapers and go to We Will Go for the clothing ministry and Bible study.

I was naked and you clothed me.
 So sad. The dog broke my heart too. I have offered to take it and get it a home. It's owner is unstable and abuses it. I wanted to just take the children and the dog, but that isn't the answer. We are going to work on the guy who has the dog to voluntarily give her up. We are going to help this mother.
 Poor baby. At least there is water in that blue tub. (Not to confuse you but these pictures were taken yesterday.) Today I rescued the dog she is at my vet and is going to be available for adoption. Such a sweet calm gentle girl!!!! Heart worm negative too and very young not even a year old yet.
This is squalor don't know whose stuff or what but the reek would knock you over. URINE. Why don't homeless people pee outside? This sight as appalling as it is made me give thanks for my mother. I realized that I am a resourceful person because I had a good mother. My mother taught me from the time I could stand on a chair to make food, wash dishes, hold babies, feed and change babies. My mother taught me everything about mothering. Some women don't know how. Be careful not to judge!!

 Even in the midst of the mess the promise of hope is written on the wall.
 Back at We Will Go Levi is teaching us about the shekinah glory of God. He made a reference to Iron Man's bright power heart that I just loved. YEAH we are like Iron Man with the glory of God in our new hearts too!!!! AWESOME!
 This sweet little one is the child of one missionary couple she is adorable and even better being raise in this environment which some would say is horrible and unsafe. She is learning to love the needy.
 She is safe and loved. She is being raised by missionaries in our local mission field. Right here in Jackson. Isaiah 62-64 you will no longer be called a city of death.
 A little out of focus but these two are adorable too. I wanted to adopt them. BUT like I told their mother, God chose HER out of all the people in the world to have these two souls. They are so sweet and loving! I spoke a lot of affirmation into her life that SHE CAN DO THIS! She can make wise choices, she can be strong, she can be a good mother. The poor woman has had so much trauma.
I think she has PTSD. The good news is we contacted a shelter, who contacted a beneficiary, who paid for them to go home to Texas. This mistake cost her a car she just left it behind but sometimes you cut your losses and go. We made sure their really was an Aunt who would receive them and wanted to help them. So as I write this they are all on a Greyhound bus headed for their home. They have food and clothes for the journey.
 Such purty babies God love em. I picked out the little man's outfit and dressed him. His sissy got some cowgirl boots like me, and new pink panties. She loved that. I told her all native born Texa-cans need some cowgirl boots! I hope they grow up to love white people. I told them Jesus loved them and I would never forget them. I will pray for them for the rest of my life.
 Frames for sale at WWG made out of the wood from abandoned falling down houses. How cool is this recycle? If you want to buy one go to this link. Also if you want to donate food or clothes or anything else you can find out how at their website.

 Some of those who serve and love.
 Enjoying the story time and so good, so sweet. Many kisses to these precious cheeks.
Now I know what I will do when I meet hungry children in need. Feed them, clothe them, hug them, kiss them, and love them as much as I can in the name of sweet Jesus. I know I can NOT look away or walk away and do nothing. I passed this test.


Elysa said...

Thank you for loving them good, Karen!

We at We Will Go can not provide for everyone, but if the whole body of Christ just loved the ones that God brought across their path, what an amazing change the world would see.

We can't be responsible for people's choices. Some are given love and opportunities for change and still choose destruction, but we are responsible for us. And we are responsible to at least try.

I love you!

By the way, Maegan heard that this sweet family has made it to their relatives in Texas. Praying for new life and a fresh start.

Kat said...

This world is such a dark, dark place for so many people. It is our job to be the light. As you have done. Thank you so much for being Jesus to these people and for sharing this story with us.
I just wanna hug you.