Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Technological Limitations

I left my HDMI cord in Mississippi. I bought a 16G chip and have been shooting pics like a photo nut on triple shots of espresso. Camera out the car window, camera on the ground shooting up, camera held high over head, camera pointing straight up to the sky. Click click click set on shoot fast action, just going for broke. Light this way, light that way, morning light, evening light, I have the fever.

I've been so busy this last year. To busy to blog, to busy to snap pictures and this trip; even though prompted by sorrow, has been just the ticket to get my creative side awake. It's sad to me that mama had to die, and Susie had to lie in bed and weep because she had taken care of her for 12 years. When you are a caregiver it consumes your life and your world becomes small and often overwhelming. But God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Mama's death made me take time for Susie and in doing that my own heart is getting rejuvenated. It's like this, "the cook always eats".

We have been riding around and laughing. We went to the beach today and walked on the sand. I would have stayed out there until I got a 3rd degree burn but we made it quick. Susie has photo sensitivity and  can't be out long. I was wearing my slimming suit and a wrap. We were the only "white" people out there among the Florida tanned. Their was a young couple and she looked 9 months pregnant, tan as a little brown berry and sunning her baby belly, adorable!!! Made me want to be a midwife. I want a job. It would be just awesome to live in a little coastal beach town again. My daughter and I could run a great little gift shop she has the magic for that. The air smells so good and the breezes are heavenly, it's hot but no mosquitoes.
 I may design a head to toe mosquito net suit for myself, those things may steal my sanity yet; it's CLOSE! Just the thought of those blood suckers makes me want to run screaming. You see? It's time for mama to move and bring everyone along to a nice new place with breezes and fun things to do. Because southern summers are going to make me a nut case, a certifiable nut case and I don't want to experience shock treatments.

I have so many stories to tell you and pictures to share but it all has to wait till I go back to my land locked southern home. That is quite all right it is nice to have something to look forward to. What are you looking forward to, anything wonderful? Any breezes blowing your way?


Heather said...

So good to catch up with you. And we seem to be not having nice ocean breezes but the hot wind that comes in from the east and the desert which is a dry hot lips chapped kind of wind not so nice haha ~I look forward to seeing some pictures ~Love Heather

The Quintessential Magpie said...

You are a good friend! And I am glad you are enjoying each other.

I am also glad you checked in with me answer am happy to see you blogging. I have been on a break and will be back when life settles down. Just saw your note and decided I needed to rush right over!

Be blessed...



Chris H said...

Mosquitoes love me too.
Sew me a suit too ta! lol
I would love to live right beside a gorgeous beach too... and get all tanned.
I go VERY DARK when I stay in the sun for days and days on end.
I would LOVE to own and run a gift shop too.