Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Fever---A very intense case.

I have it. Spring fever it comes so suddenly and when you get it you just can't stay in the house another second. Mosquitoes don't stop you, wasps, don't stop you, beetles don't stop you, not even heat. The flaws of the outdoors don't even exist with an intense case of spring fever. All I can see is beauty everywhere.
I love to sit here. I never used this little slab of concrete before. I don't why. I have no excuse. It is a cozy little spot. I am thinking about painting the concrete with that new stuff I've seen advertised that repairs decks and concrete. You just roll it on.
I am getting more into containers for things. It's just easier than dealing with our soil and all the diseases and bugs. These little pots of herbs are happily growing in potting soil. Good stuff. You know you can't compost here it is an invitation to huge cockroaches. I dunnnot like em. GO AWAY
It's spectacular there must be a thousand or more flowers on this. Each year it blows my mind it's probably 20 feet wide now. Time is always on the side of a garden and ours is 13 years old now.

This is the last of the roses over my dog Rasmus's grave. Think it's about to peter out. It's a hybrid rose and they just don't thrive here. But it's a sweet reminder of my faithful friend.
I realized that I told you about painting the house and  never showed you the finished house. I am goofy like that. The shed is in progress. I painted the door yesterday. Our doors were purple before. The trim will be the darker shade of the house color and I will stain the steps and railings soon.

A very happy southern grape. I can't spell it but it sounds like suckinon. Don't go there ok.
Looks like a park doesn't it? We have almost a half acre and that is a big garden to work. I could be out here 8 hours a day. I almost have been but not quite. I sit down, take breaks, and use ice. I am working on my own rehabilitation plan. Strengthening unused muscles slowly but surely. I am so grateful that nothing has broken for quite a long time!!
Back fence, what is it about blue flowers? I love blue flowers!
Little teeny white rose next to them that  has nasty hooky thorns so it does what it wants too!! I ain't touchin that bugger it will snag you so fast.

This is actually a sad picture. Hairy my weeping willow is dying. He was my birthday present about 10 years ago. I read that willows have a short life span and it looks like Hairy is at the end of his. He was the cutest baby tree ever. So tiny with a "head of wavy hair"  that's why I named the tree Hairy. He looked like Einstein.

This rather boring shot shows how many boards Mercy broke to get out of the yard she is one dominant alpha female. That black cur hound knows what she wants!  Good thing our neighbors didn't object to free fencing. Our entire yard is now hot wired. Mercy respects her collar. She doesn't respect much. She is one bull headed female hound. You should see her down at the lake when she sees geese or ducks. She jumps in the water and swims as fast as she can after them. It doesn't matter if they can fly a little she just increases her speed. She WANTS A DUCK!!!!
Side yard, lots of work still to do here but it is so pretty.

A perspective shot so you can see how large the New Dawn rose is.
Nellie Moser clematis.
The work I need to do this needs to be cleaned up and the rotor tiller is broken. I have tomato seedlings to plant.

A different clematis I love those vines.
This is what I have been doing. Moving rocks. We have a bunch of rocks in the back next to the fence and I need them up here. When we first came we put rain gutters all the way around the house. I wondered why no one had rain gutters. We found out the hard way that your trim will rot. It really RAINS here. How do you spell gully washer?

Knock out roses love us.
All my top soil has been washing out of these beds so I have been diggin up rocks and toting them in a bucket to arrange here and hold the soil in. I hope it works. I am blogging today because I couldn't sleep last night when I posted 2 other posts, because I worked too hard yesterday. I couldn't find the hubbins hand truck. I carried medium sized buckets of rocks. THAT is aerobic exercise. I nearly killed myself. Today is going to be a rest day even though I'd like to work that area my tomotoes are going into. Fuggedaboutit.
Pot on the porch. OMG I was working a pot the other day and pulled out a weed that was full of FIRE ANTS and yes I got bit and no, I did not cuss.
My rock work. I also moved plants from the side yard over here. We lost a tree so I planted banana palms and in the back where the soil had washed completely out I transplanted some rubekia, the common name is Black Eyed Susan's. My hubbins did the actual labor that is way to heavy for me.

Front door from a toddler's perspective. Squats are strengthening, as long as you don't fall on your keester. I am working on the balance too. That is a challenge with Menier's disease in both ears.
RANDOM---Walked in the house and shot a quick pick of this. I painted it. What do you think should I try and develop some painting skills? Other than houses and sheds?
There she is Miss Merciful Minerva. in all her hound dog glory. She is drying off from her swim in the lake. I kinda worry about it because it;s full of turtles and snakes but I guess they are more afraid of her. The ducks are definitely afraid. I actually love her tenacious spirit. She makes my hubbins and my granddaughter mad. I like her. If she digs up my pots of flowers I will be mad. She better not!

These are the tomato seedlings I need to get into the ground in a big ASAP hurry. Why does the rototiller not start? It's a Mantis don't fall for the ads it's always been a pain in the neck and it is NOT EASY to use.Jumps off the top of the ground and it's a mutha to hold onto! They show old people walking with it in potting soil. I fell for it. Hopefully you are much smarter than me.
Can you tell I am sittin here? I keep shooting thses pics from my chair but it's that spring fever thing. I can't help it I have a very bad case. If there is a cure I don't want it. How about you? Are you outside yet? Hopefully no one has snow! By the time yawl shed your jackets and sweaters I will be neck deep in sweat, or glistening. You still here? Good night nurse put your computer away and get outside!!!


Kat said...

No wonder you have spring fever! I would too if I were surrounded by such beauty! Flowers every where you look. Just gorgeous!!!
Thank you for sharing it with those of us that are still flowerless. :)

Bluebird49 said...

Perhaps it is this grape, Sweetpea:
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

joanne said...

you are acting rather random, time to get out of the sun! fun post and great pics.

Karen Deborah said...

What do you expect from a woman resurrecting her blog from the dead? Just smell the roses folks.

Chris H said...

I ♥♥♥ love your garden and yard. The little house in back is sooo cute.
It's getting cool here now, so not much gardening to do, we have a tiny yard compared to yours.