Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Flat Stanley or in my case Flat Maya--Vacation Adventures

Just a few weeks before I left for Florida my second grade granddaughter mailed me this little paper doll she made at school. It came with instructions about a little boy named Stanley who got flattened. At first his family was upset but when they realized that Flat Stanley could travel in envelopes he set off to see the world. So this particular one is Flat Maya. Mays drew it to look just like her and she hoped I would have a good time with her.
 My trip was after the 2 week deadline for the class. But being the homeschooling Nannie that I am I thought that surely the teachers still do "show and tell".It is second grade after all.

At the visitors center.

 Wirh a little tape on her back Flat Maya got to do a lot! She was held by an alligator
 Hugged and astronaut.
 Went for a ride to go surfing at the beach in a cute car.
 Maybe this beach or perhaps where this weird mermaid was perched, or octopus or whatever it is!

 Flat Maya rode the ferry to Fernandina Beach.
 These are all the cars on the ferry. Nannie had to get out of the car not to get sea sick. Nannie and boats do not mix.

 Out of all the pictures Nannie took she thinks this pelican is the best shot.

 Flat Maya learned about whales.
 She saw cute things for sale.
 Nannie had a truck just like this when she was in her twenties, those were the days when you could pay $200.00 for a truck.

 Wow guess who Flat Maya got to get her picture taken with? Captain Jack Sparrow!!!!
 Some people decorated their bikes.
Nannie did not send this picture to Flat Maya. Nannie laughed at this and then realized that the message is about breast cancer awareness. For a home school Granny what do you expect?
Nannie put real pictures in a folder and added maps and brochures and packed it all up for the real little second grade granddaughter to enjoy.  It added a little bit of whimsical fun to the Florida trip. At the visitor center the people there said that many flat children come in with their parents and grandparents. The day before they were visited by Flat Lola. What about you have you heard of Flat paper children traveling in the mail?
Have you had any Flat Stanley aventures


Kat said...

Haha! I love it! You did a fantastic job. I hope the kids at school enjoyed it. What fun!
And that pic of the pelican is FABULOUS!

Chris H said...

I had a Flat Stanley from an American family who spent a good deal of time with us on our trips out and about. I love the idea of Flat Stanley's.