Thursday, August 7, 2014


I have been sick with asthma for a month. We can't figure out why, no infection but I am having a hard time getting over it. I'll feel better one day and the next day I go backwards again. CRAZY.....

But to not go stir crazy more than normal and I am on steroids...I gotta try and do something!! I decided to sew, why not?

I have been making aprons. I would like to make a bunch and sell them. I have even been thinking about offering custom ones for people made out of a man's shirt that is sentimental. My husband has a niece whose father passed away, I am going to make her one out of his clothes. Isn't that a cool idea? Since they are made with recycled shirts it's not too expensive and that can keep the cost down.

So take a look tell me what you think. I am going to make some grocery tote bags and little girl aprons too.

 This is for my girlfriend. Her husband wore this for their wedding! How sentimental is that?
 What do you think of these pockets? Actually one of them has 2 sections and they are lined on the inside so they look really nice.
 All done I did a lot of embroidery top stitching on this one and french seams on the inside. It's sturdy should last as long as the marriage!!
 This one is going to be a gift someone special is getting married. She likes sunflowers so wahlah we got sunflowers.

 This one I am keeping at least for awhile I like the combination of fabrics, some denim some stripe some quilting, yep it's cute.

 My daughter likes this one. I told her she could trade hers from Christmas for it if she wants too.
I added a button to the pocket. It's a wooden one. So now onto discovering cheap sources for notions always a challenge! But I think I can do a lot of this recycling.

I am going to ask $28 for aprons where you provide the fabrics. Can make them from men's shirts. The bib takes 1/3 yd. The piping takes 1/2 yard. If your shirt is not a large or extra large have to make the ties out of a different fabric. I can get them done in less than a week. Shipping shouldn't be bad they are light weight.

I'd love to make you one do you have a special shirt that is just dancing in the closet waiting to become your favorite apron?


Bluebird49 said...

Your aprons are as cute as you are! I hadn't realized you were continuing to blog--I guess I had not been on FB enough to see you had mentioned your posts. Well--thanks for writing to me anyway--we've had a lot to talk about, haven't we, friend. You have really been a friend to me, and I hope when I get home from up here...I'll get the help I need. I'm not sure what I'll do...but I have to do something. I have to begin to ask for help---that has always been very hard for me. It's a very prideful thing--to not ask for help, I know. I am praying about it--and I hope you will continue to pray with me, Karen, and I will for you! Your story is amazing, by the way! Isn't everyone's, in its own way!

Angela said...

love love love those aprons.

Chris H said...

Very nice aprons KD.

Tatersmama said...

I love these! I'll have to see if I can find some extra big size shirts at the second hand store... so I'll let you know what I find! I don't have a crafty bone in my whole body anymore, but I love having hand made things around me. :)

Heather said...

They look great! Sorry about the Asthma mine was always awful when we lived in Florida :/ hope you will be feeling better soon ~Heather