Thursday, June 2, 2016

Catching Up

This little spoiled rotten baby.....if you aren't on Facebook then she is new to you. Crazy how time flies. My Facebook memories said yesterday that I made friends with Farmlady 6 years ago. I got news its been longer than that!!!!

We moved to a cute little house in the country on 4 1/2 acres. We have trees all around us. You can't see us from the street. We have been going to a sweet little church in town here. Its a full gospel small church. The pastor is passionate and young. I have some friends from We Will Go there. This town is sweet and laid back everything we need is 10 minutes away. I love being back in a place without sidewalks. Its awesome.

 The house has an awesome front porch. The view is amazing. I started keeping finches in Madison. Heather left me her two. Its all her fault that I got into birds. Smiling.....birds are adorable. My socies are sitting on a nest. When they lay eggs its called a clutch. This would be my first "batch" of babies if they laid fertile eggs. The mama is a chocolate crested and daddy is a white pied. We have 50% chance of crested babies. I love those little Beethoven hair do's. Socie's are easy to keep. I have no idea where they will winter. Summer is perfect for them on the porch.
Kayla waving hi. Gurl has lost a ton of weight! We both are doing well on the #Whole30.  Round 3 for me.... I would like to get back into a 10/12 pants. Yeah I can do that. If I look old and ugly I may beg the Hunny for a face lift. Yah.
Well maybe not.
My tablet makes it so hard to do this that I lose my train of thought. Anyway. Got up and did a big cook up of veggies for a couple of days. There is so much fresh fruit and veggies now. Perfect time to do #Whole30 again. My body will thank me. I should elaborate sometime on all the non scale victories. Did I tell you I have lost 7 inches? Around my back, waist, & hips, not bad right? Kayla wears my clothes & I got a few when I started walking out of my jeans. I didn't get many because my closet is small and I'm not finished shrinking.  The cool thing about #Whole30 is weight loss just happens but that is a secondary benefit. Feeling better is the primary benefit.
Like feeling freakin amazing......

That's enough for today. Maybe your curiosity is piqued. Maybe not. The plan works like it is. Change nothing. 30 days. You got this.


Chris H said...

Your new home looks lovely! Well done on the weight loss both of you.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, thanks for blogging again, Karen! I've missed it--- yes we're FB friends--- but I'm still a blog reader. I love it that both you and Jimmy wanted to change, move, live your dream while you still can! Time marches on and with my recent 21 days in hospital with blood clots, low BP, pneumonia and who knows what else, I like seeing youall so animated and alive and seeking change and good health and not life just happen. (And that husband of yours is the bomb---such a handyman!)

Bluebird49 said...
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Karen Deborah said...

Trudy I am so glad you are home again!!!