Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Good Reads

Do I dare? I wouldn't claim to be a book critic but I know what I like. The Ragamuffin Diva has written an intriguing novel "Murder Mayhem and a Fine Man". How does one deal with the issues of passion and purity, divorce and remarriage, celibacy outside of marriage, and a murder? It doesn't sound much like a novel does it? Usually those heavy topics are dealt with by theologians and professional counsellors, but the diva jumped right in; and the water is fine. With an adorable personality that speaks like a girlfriend, with humour, love, and suspense she weaves her love story. Her story reads like it is real, I wondered at times if it really was fiction. Some scenes would be hard to make up. You will "watch" this story as she paints pictures, involves emotions and makes one laugh out loud. Consider yourself warned, I read the book in two sittings, and it was late at night when the light went out. The good news is the second book will be released in April, count me in.

On a more serious note two books that I picked up at a conference are "Choices" by Mary Farrar. An excellent thought provoking book. She gives a historical recounting of the woman's role from the "Little House on the Prairie" to today with some unique suggestions and serious life evaluating questions. You will not be the same.

Also at same conference a book titled "Margins" by Dr.Richard Swenson, discusses how weakly we protect our roles, our time and lives. "Margin is the space that once existed between ourselves and our limits". If our lives were represented by a printed page their wouldn't be any margins around the print, every inch would be full. Now think for a minute of how unpleasant that would be to look at and read. How much more so to live that way? Another zinger to help bring back balance into our lives.

Enjoy with some home cooking and put your feet up for awhile.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Margin was a life changing book for me. It was recommended in a cookbook of all places (where the writer had recipes and prose).

Anonymous said...

Woo hooo! That's one great review, lovie. Be a sweetie and put it on Amazon for me and I will be deeply indebted to you.

Thanks so much. You're the BEST!

Elysa said...

Good review of Mair's book, Karen. She's one talented ragamuffin!