Monday, March 31, 2008

Keeper of the Chocolates

Wonderful blog, with a cookies recipe that looks good enough to eat. What a beautiful poetic way to look at life and not a bit of pretense. No saccarine here just genuine. I left her a comment asking how she keeps chocolate, I eat mine up.


shelbi said...

:) what a sweet surprise to find you and your blog :) thank you for the comment, and yes i do eat mine all up...! my husband and kids call me the 'keeper' as a 'nicer' way of saying, 'controller' of the chocolates. hehe. i have to keep it all to myself and if i am feeling extra specially nice that day, i 'allow' them to have some. ::wink:: wink::...

loving your blog, you are such a sweetie. my grandparents raised me from 14 yrs on, so it warms my heart to come here:)


Karen Deborah said...

Ya'll come back now here!
I am a native California transplant how am I doin?
me sweet? really? aw shucks,...
golly geepers gee whiz.