Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Do I Have?

Scooting around in the bloggin world I have been stumbling upon some very sweet blogs. Over at The Simple Woman, lives a country lady with her family of 6 and a husband she adores. I enjoyed reading her reflections of life. She has a very calming presence; one can almost feel the breeze of country air float by.
I admire women like that. I am not one. My cage gets rattled easily. But she asked a good question, "What do I have?" We tend to go about life striving for something different than what we have. Contentment is born from thankfulness.
The problem with going about wishing for something different is that it's a never ending list. As we get those things or make those changes the list gets added to and is never done. One time during a visit with a dear friend from Kenya; I made an excuse about not having. Her rebuke was unforgettable, "Oh you do have, you have pockets that are full, you have buttons on your clothes, you HAVE." I have pockets.
Those words stopped me in my tracks. I have pockets, more than one set of pockets, I have buttons and spare buttons, and shoes and socks. I have choices each day from a selection of foods and items to wear. I have the luxury of pets. I have a home. I have a family. I have a husband who loves me. I have windows full of sunshine and none of them are broken. I have good friends who love me. I have two hands that can and do work, I have two feet that can walk and bring good news. I have a saving faith in the God of the universe. The one true LIVING God who relates to me and gives me answers; even if the answer is a mystery. I have the ability to accept that I cannot explain all the suffering of the world; but I can put forth the effort each time my foot goes to the hospital to relieve it. I have love. I have mercy. I have a full cup with which to give. See how my heart has changed? Before I asked the question of what do I have, my flesh wallowed in the have nots. wishing the house was cleaner, wishing my back would heal and quit hurting so badly, wishing my husband would pull up the carpet and work on the yard. Those thoughts breed strife.
My Lord says, "Cease striving and know that I am God." Cease is simple it just means stop. Like anger, the answer is to just "lay it down." One cannot sort it out or work threw it. Somethings the answer is simple, just stop.
Today when I take my walk I will reflect on the haves, and will pray for those who truly need. Those who are sick and dying, those who hunger and thirst. Those who are grieving for children, those who are lonely and heartsick. You see when we remember the richness of our Father's gifts and give Him the glory; He in turn fills us up with hands and hearts to give. We have pockets.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

very true!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Only a kindred could know when her friend is havin' a poutin' party about this, that, and t'other thing WAY beyond her control. And only a kindred could find the very words to lift her friend's spirits up in thanksgiving. Tolstoy wrote: "True life is lived when tiny changes occur." I don't know how "tiny" my attitude adjustment should be, but I do know it needs changing. Thanks for the dose of perspective, sweet sister. : )

p.s. There's been a tiny change for the better in Rachel's condition. I went to see her yesterday, but Sleeping Beauty kept on sleeping right through our visit. God knows all ...

Karen Deborah said...

Awhhh thank's for comin by ya'll. I posted the link to The Simple Woman she is cool, you can tell that livin on the side of "her mountain" has done her soul right. You know I could never be too goody but I so admire those purists who are.