Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Know I need some pictures!

I'm just plain behind in life. They say their are three types of people in life.
one who watches things happen
another makes things happen
and another looks up and asks, "what happened?"

I wish I was a way maker, but it seems like I'm fairly often in the camp of "huh what just happened? Wus up guys? always a bit out of the loop. The last to know, yep the whole nine yards. Anyone else willing to admit this geek quality?

What's weird about it is I'm not stupid, no I'm actually detail oriented, observant and a good problem solver/ WHEN I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!!

That is my big attempt to be positive this evening. what do think, is it pathetic?
I'm trying. I do not want to be pitiful,have to improve quickly.
I haven't heard any good jokes lately, I bet your relieved.

The good news is Cali doesn not have feline leuk, yeah whahooo, jump!, she also had very good blood work up except for her amylase was elevated 1649 nothin else abnormal. I asked about the urine and taking some antibiotics but he thought she'd be ok with a diet change, prescription ID. Well if Fat Boy likes it she's in trouble.
They weren't to concerned about her. I think she looks pretty thin at 7 and 1/2 pounds. So will see maybe I should cook chicken for her and beef her up a little. I'm not to clear because when humans have a pancreatic problem we stop their food and they fast until the enzymes return to normal. So that was it 200 bucks and a can of food. He didn't think she looks that bad.
I'll take a picture and you decide.

Lu is handling her kitchen confinement quite nicely. It's actually pretty funny. Axel is neutered but she smells very inviting. He's a bit shorter and he gives it his best shot not even coming close to anything; he is after all neutered. He will give it his best shot and when he gets down Lu turns around and looks, sniffs, and seems to be checking things out; nope something is definitely not right. Poor girl, if I knew dog speak for castrated I'd tell her. so far no amorous suitors barging down the fences.so far so good she is being very good about her kitchen confinement.

We are working things out, Daddy BB is having a bowel prep day tomorrow for a little screening procedure on the 3rd. He will not be happy drinking 2 bottles of mag citrate and a whole gallon of go lytely, there's gonna be a hiney ache tonight!
But he won't be full of Dukey anymore,.. I di'nt say that, the evil twin did.

Tomorrow I get to figure out things like domain names and setting up we sites and making e mail templates, the high tech stuff; AND Piglet is not home. How am I going to do with the high tech/no teen dilemma? I'm not sure will know better tomorrow.

I promise very soon I will post a nice recipe or tell a cute story, something more fun. Thanks for hanging around through a few difficulties, and now you know I can only be me. I can't even try to fake it, I fail miserably.

What's going on with ya'll? Any progress on the California fires?


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
Our fires are nearly 100% contained (don't know if that means "out") and fireworks have been banned for this year's 4th celebration. : ( BUT ... We've got GREAT FOOD planned. I'm so frustrated with my photog skills (or lack thereof) and my family of photogs doesn't seem to want to take time to take the pics of the food, they prefer to devour it! Oh well, I'm working on it. I'm learning one new blogger detail per day -- today I learned that I am sick of the editing glitches! So I'm off to play in my gardens and then entertain guests for a Mexican feast this eve. Cheer up and enJOY life. I read this on a garden blog: “Live each day as if it were your last, and garden as though you will live forever.” (Gerald of Eden’s Garden, Manitoba). Isn't that cute? Love you! XO

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hop over to
houseinroses.blogspot.com and fall into the splendor! She has gardens to tour. Go through the garden gate and find a world of wonder to make you smile, ooooh and aaaah, and perk up. EnJOY yourself! : )

Anonymous said...

Yes please where are my Florida pics...enough with the laundry already...step away from the machine and UPLOAD woman!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wait a minute.. chicken to beef her up? I'm eating chicken to scale me down-- it can't possibly work both ways can it?
Congrats on no Leukemia and I love your three types of people-- that is so great!

Anonymous said...

Good news on the kitty! Big bucks, I know, but it's worth knowing what is NOT the problem. Stick to the I/D before you start cooking for her. Increased amylase doesn't always mean pancreatitis in kitties. That is why vet didn't have you fast her. We also fast pancreatitis patients. Some cats are slender and sleek (like I want to be)
I look forward to pictures. Life is fun but hectic aroun d here these days. I will probably me MIA for a bit.

Karen Deborah said...

thanks anonymous,...hee hee, and I am relieved. I'm with you how does she manage on a few bites here and there?