Thursday, July 3, 2008


Our Florida trip,

Evenings from our balcony, this was really tough to take but we managed to enjoy it.

Deep sea fishing for the first time and some beginners luck. Who said playing in the sand is just for kids?

On the road

The views from the car

Prime waterfront real estate much of which is used only for "winter."

Notice the crowds, and daily afternoon thunder showers.

The view from our room.

Well what do you think? Wright by the Sea is a great place to visit, make your reservations in advance. It's worth every penny.


Trisha said...

It looks like you had a nice vacation! That scenery had to have been "torture!"

I can't believe those huge homes which are winter homes! Must be nice!

Karen Deborah said...

Hi Trisha
Thanks for coming by! Will have to come by and see you too, where did you find me?

Anonymous said...

What a wondeful time you had. The pics are everything I expected! Thanks.

Kathy said...

Oh how wonderful. And GREEN!

Susiewearsthepants said...

It looks beautiful. Makes me want to pack up my little Toyota and head south.