Monday, July 14, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Would you like to know how I met Daddy BB? We met at church, when I was 31 years old, in a singles class of all places, Good LORD! Back then most of my relationships had been based on physical appearances. I had been married to a Gregory Peck kind of a guy, sort of, who was mean as a snake. Mean enough for me to find my religion, instead of loosing it. Actually what really happened is that God found me, and He rescued me. I loved Him for it. I will never forget the morning that I prayed to Him, really prayed. It was one of those simple prayers, nothing eloquent at all. It was a, God if your really there, and this story of Jesus is all true, then I need you, forgive me, forgive me for all that has happened and the harm to my family. Peace flooded my heart. I cried like a little girl. Remember Judy Collins? I had an album of hers with Amazing Grace on it; and played it over and over. Those were the old days when you could pick up the "needle" and replay a "track."
Back to my love affair. I was in an in depth Bible study called Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). One particular lesson in the book of Samuel was about the anointing of King David. In the story Samuel is being instructed by God to anoint a replacement for Saul. God told Samuel he would show him His choice, not to look at the outward appearance, that He, God would chose by the heart. Those verses struck a cord in me of inspiration. I really didn't want to get into another relationship or marriage; but everybody else thought I would. All those comments were just plain worrisome. But God,...could see the heart. Choosing by outward appearances had not proven to be wise. I prayed another not eloquent prayer; "Lord this story speaks to me. If you want me to marry then you can pick him by his heart for me." I began thinking about physical attractiveness. Hummmn what could I do without? Well, let's see, Lord he can be old, and bald, bald isn't too bad, and fat; no I take that back, not fat. I just could not imagine myself having a good time between the sheets with somebody fat. ( Course now I'M the one whose fat!) I finished my little prayer time and went about my business.
When I met Daddy BB he impressed me. It wasn't his looks, although he is very easy on the eyes. I paid attention when he talked. He had that E.F. Hutton effect on me, I listened. He was wise. I had never met a man that I considered to be wise before. It was very attractive and I became interested in him. He on the other hand was deeply wrestling with our age difference. I couldn't get any kind of a "read" on him. I needed a stinkin daisy to pull the petals off of, "he loves me, he loves me not." It was that bad. He could play poker if he wanted to he doesn't have "tells."
Lucy was my coach and best friend. She thought he did like me.I called her every night ringing my hands, and wailing like a sissy. she deserves a gold medal. He had made a promise to himself not to fall for another woman younger than him. But he had been praying that God would choose his wife by her heart, that if she loved God with all her heart, she could put up with him.
It's funny actually. He was worried about young and he got it, I was 32 when we married. I was worried about what might be a pitfall for me and said old, bald and not fat, that was exactly what I got. I could have said, make you weep gorgeous, and my age, but God filled my request exactly; which proves He does have a sense of humour.
How he proposed to me is actually a very funny story,and I think I'll make you wait.
to be continued,....

just in case you wondered, I've been working a LOT, to tired to type.


Chris H said...

Re: your question.... yes I have had masses of blood tests, the Haematologists are keeping a very good eye on me! In fact I have more blood tests this thursday.... they can't test to find out why I bleed until I finish taking the blood thinners (in 6 months).... but they think it is probably Von Willabrand Disease. Hope that answers your question.

MaBunny said...

WHAT? you left us hanging? I wanna hear the rest of the story WAAHHH!!
Oh well, guess I'm over that bit of whatever and will happily await the rest of the story:))

Anonymous said...

oooooo la la... Cannot wait to hear the next part!

As for the award. I just learned this yesterday! Left click on the one on my blog, then right click and save it to your computer. Then go to your layout and click on add a page element. Then pick add a picture. You've added lots of pictures so I think you can figure it out from there.

And you are a big sweetie and you are smart and funny and I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely sweet! I cannot wait for the rest of the tale!

Heidi said...

God has his ways doesnt He? The most heartfelt prayers are just simple words I believe. :) Glad that things have 'worked out' for you!

Now I cant wait for the rest either!!! LOL

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I love this story ... XOXOXO!

Don't work too hard. Miss you! : )

Lucy said...


Laura ~Peach~ said...

love it! can't wait to read more! hugs Laura

Elysa said...

I remember you telling us your "love story" in that corner booth of a restaurant in Panama City Beach during a Calvary Chapel Women's Conference centuries ago. It was a good story then and its a good story to hear again now.

Ain't God good?!:)

BTW, re: your comment on my blog about Mair....SHE HAS A NEW BLOG! Go to her old one and follow the link! You'll love it. :D

Flea said...

Your story rocks! And that verse in I Samuel is one of my life verses. Love it.