Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrating Wednesday!

The first week is almost finished and I think I'm catching on. Until I get this figured out I am going to be putting in some hours! Who said you can't teach an old --- woman new tricks?
I should never post when I'm tired. Ya'll know I can't spell but shoot fire, advertising it like that on the WWW is too much.
I successfully worked a referral from intake to admission. My boss smiled at me and said he thought I was catching on quickly. Guess what, that brought a SMILE to my face! Learning a job this different is really,..... well scary. Once I know what I'm doing it will be fine. Just like anything else, I hate being a beginner.

I'm really trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. Getting used to getting up at 6am and getting home at 6pm is a 12 hr/8hr day. Does every working woman live like this? Is this women's liberation? Liberation from what? We haven't had dinner this week. I have not figured that part out yet. My hubby said all I have to do is work and sleep, but the family hasn't quite picked up all my jobs yet. Eggs and peanut butter sandwiches only go so far. My mind is trying to wrap around single working moms. That has to be the hardest job out there.

Besides all the regular stuff, one of my cats got hurt. Kathy where are you? Looks like a bite to her rear end. My husband will not take her to the vet he thinks it will heal. I am not so sure. A chunk of hide is separated from where it's supposed to be connected. How can tissue that has never grown fur get a layer of protective skin on it? it is clean and pink and looks good as far as a wound goes, no infection. Thank goodness her little bum hole isn't ripped. Humans can't be stitched up after time has gone by, what about animals? We're using crazy glue in the ER. I can see how it needs to go back together, do I dare? I am SOOOOO not a vet. I hate to even give animals shots. It's superficial as far as the tissues and muscles but the hide is cleanly separated and it's just there. She's walking alright and eating and everything. We're keeping her inside too. OK all you knowledgeable cat owners, suggestions? Please don't tell me to shoot my husband, he grew up on a farm in the country. Farmers think different, and he may be right, it just bothers me.


MaBunny said...

Glad you are picking up the skills of your new job - it will get easier with time.
As for the cat I have no clue - as for the not having cooked dinner thing - make casseroles or things like that that are quickly defrosted in the fridge thru out the day that the hubby and/or kids can just heat up when they get home for a whole home cooked meal;)takes soem prep work but can do well!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Ummmmmm ... can I request a disclaimer when you're going to get graphic about animal issues? The other day I came upon poop and barf and exploding eggs (that had to smell nasty!) without warning and now I am reading along and BAM injury update hits me like a ton of bricks. Ick! I was planning to go have a nice snack before bed . . . guess I'll just chalk it up to dieting and skip it. : )

Becky said...

I bet your days are just flying by... I'm glad you are getting the hang of it.

About a year ago one of my kitties had a bite mark on her tail. It was small and looked OK. The farmer side of me (I grew up amongst many domestic animals) said let it go. A week later it was obviously infected and painful for my poor kitty who had licked the middle of her tail bare.

All that was required was some antibiotics in liquid form (or pills but we know how easy pilling a cat is) twice a day. In another week it was practically healed and the fur was returning. I worked in a vets office for three summers... I should have known better. When in doubt, take them in.

Sorry for the loooong response. Hope it was helpful :-)

Anonymous said...

without warning and now I am reading along and BAM injury update hits me like a ton of bricks. Ick!
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Anonymous said...

Glad you are picking up the skills of your new job - it will get easier with time.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a cat, I am allergic. It's hard to imagine the injury you describe, it sounds horrible though! Keep an eye on that.

Kathy said...
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Chris H said...

OOO the poor cat (from someone who does not even LIKE cats)... I would be taking it to the vet just to be safe.