Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help I'm Going Crazy!

My new job is driving me nuts. It's actually a short walk. I have never had such an up and down start anywhere. This week we have basically walked through every hall in every local hospital trying to drum up business. I made a big boo boo today and was informed of the rules at one such facility. I was embarrassed to death, even though they were very nice about it. I almost resigned and then didn't.

Sometimes when I'm in a dilemma I make a pro and con list. You get to help because I'm just going to start and not even try and sort it out. Please help.

Things I like.
I like the other liaisons I work with, pretty much most of the staff is fine.
I like not working weekends or nights.
It's fun to wear clothes and dress up, but I do miss my running shoes.
There is some down time in this job so it doesn't kill me physically.

Things I don't like.
Flying by the seat of my pants, we had a week of training and are just "out there."
Confusing job role.
Talking about people in terms of business.
The up and down, yes and no, hurry up and slow down, stressful!
Not feeling productive with unclear goals for the day. I'm actually supposed to have a weekly goal plan and I can hardly figure out a daily one.

I actually thought my "don't like" list was going to be longer than that. I can't really think of anything concrete right now. I thought I would start looking for a regular nursing job just in case but hang in there a bit longer. I should at least pay for the clothes I've bought.

I sure wish I could figure out what size pants I wear. What ever happened to nice sales ladies that looked you over and brought you your size. I love those women. I like them to just bring me outfits and tell me what to put on. Especially this whole business thing. I don't dress conservatively. I'm not into letting 53 year old cleavage hang out (I know you are grateful) but I like to be comfortable and wear denim and corduroy, flip flops, you know an old hippie.
I'm too fat to wear cute dresses and short waisted. I like long skirts and hate nylons so mostly I have been wearing pants and sweaters, a few jackets; very ordinary. BUT I know that even when your too fat the right clothes can make you look good and I need some pants! The crazy thing is everything I have been trying on is 20 inches too long, too tight, too low at the waist, too tight in the crotch, and just plain weird. I honestly cannot figure out what size I am. These cuts are so different. Are there any choices other than hip huggers? When I was young I loved those, and they looked great; however they DO NOT look great now, they look sick.
Not good "sick" either.

So here I am. Keep the job or go back to regular shift nurse work and what size pants. I am very grateful to have arms, and legs that wear pants isn't Nick amazing? Course if I quit this I get back into scrubs and those are easy.


Flea said...

Good luck. I have no clue what to tell you in the clothing department, as I have the opposite problem in lengths.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I say give the job more time. I too can not stand the unclear directions I like to knwo exactly what needs to be done then leave me alone and let me do it. I am very anal about organization and neatness/cleanliness... at home I will let some things slide (dusting stinks) for a while then I have to do it ALL in a day or I am not happy. As for clothing sizes ... I despise clothing shopping and never seem to wear the same size twice... one store its this size the othe rstore its two sizes smaller or bigger BLAH BLAH... and I dont want my stuff hanging out either Heck I am not a teen any more!

Anonymous said...

A good department store will have a personal shopper. They will measure you and bring tons of matching outfits to a huge dressing room. No extra charge for the shopper. We have them here at a department store called Nordstroms. I've used them lots of times, they are great.

Lucy said...

This is to Noble Pig; Did you have to bring up Nordstroms dear woman, did you????? We used to (Karen Deborah and I) ALWAys shop there and yes we always looked like a million bucks. You forget we are in the SOUTH and there is NO such thing unless you are down Fort Lauderdale way. Thanks for reminding me we are NOT IN CA ANYMORE.

Chris H said...

Perhaps you need to give the new job just a bit more time before you go deciding to chuck it all in? You haven'd been doing it for long afterall. But in saying that, if you really hate it, then leave! Pants...Pfffffft I have the same problem.