Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wacky Wonders Wednesday

There are a lot of serious issues going on in the world today. I know, you are just so underwhelmed with the obvious understatement of that statement. Being Queen of stating the obvious I am wondering why some of the questions I have; are never dealt with. If you have an answer please let me in on it.

1. Why do cats come in the house to use a cat box?

2. Where do socks go when they don't come out of the dryer?

3. How can McDonald's run out of hamburger buns, straws, chicken, ketchup, or ANYTHING else for that matter?

4. Who is "they"?

5. When did wrong become right? And right become wrong?

6. How do you have a CHRISTmas party without any "religious themes"?

Any other questions?


Flea said...

No answers except for the last one. Sadly, now they're called Holiday parties.

Kathy said...

1) When did children in neighborhoods stop playing outdoors?

2) How is it acceptable to answer a cell phone in the middle of a conversation with someone else?

3) Why does 'lite' food cost more than the alternative loaded with fats and sugars?

4) Why are all of my jeans shrinking so much? ;-)

Becky said...

1. Because they have trained us to treat them as humans.

2. have you checked the lint screen.

3. The truck doesn't come.

4. Anyone who knows more than you about whatever subject you're discussing.

5. Hmmm... for this one I'll need to know when the ACLU was founded.

6. Its the Festivus for the restofus.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

7. How is it possible, with temperatures hovering around freezing at night, that there are STILL ants crawling on my kitchen counter?

8. Why is it more likely that I'm going to put something on inside outwards than rightside outwards?

And I really need to know who "they" is, too. I say on a daily basis that "They say this or that, whoever 'they' is."

Not They

Heidi said...

This was a brain twister.... LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't even get me started on McDonald's!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

1. Because it's much easier to dig in? Plus they get to smell up your house!

2. Oh they come out of the dryer all right. Just look behind your younger daughter's bed--right there next to the wall.

3. Because the price of REAL food is getting so out of hand that more and more families are eating there and calling it dinner (True story!)

4. The imaginary experts that everyone refers to when they don't want to take responsibility for what's coming out of their own mouths.

5. The instant the apple was pulled from the tree and eaten by you-know-who.

6. The same way you take $$ from people that worked hard for it and give it to people that don't do anything for it. By being the vocal minority bully and intimidating others into doing what they know deep in their gut isn't right. And what happens when you remove Christ from his own party? See #5.

A couple of years ago in WA state a parent complained that she didn't like the Christmas tree in her school. It offended her to have to walk by it everyday. So the principal removed the tree and chose instead to hang dorky paper mittens along the secretary's desk with kids names on them. All this because ONE person bullied him by complaining. The resulting uproar by the HUNDREDS of other parents forced the principal to bring the tree back to it's original place in the office.