Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ending the Year on a Happy Note

A note to you of course. I am so excited about going to California that I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. That should say something to you, I am not a morning person. I have no cattle, I milk no cows, and my name is not Pioneer Woman, 4:30am I am usually sawing some zzzzzz's, I snore. That's for all the poor ribbed husbands who get bounced and elbowed, my husband says I can make a racket with the best of them. Oh dear, should I have really told THAT secret?

2008 is over tonight, and it is the custom to reflect on the old year and think on the new one.
It has been a very blessed year for us. Piglet graduated and has finished her first semester of college with 2 A's and 3 B's, not to shabby. Tigger is thriving with her tutor. I am trying to quit job hopping and settle down somewhere to build a new retirement fund, shoot it's all on sale these days.

One of the biggest highlights of the year was going to Colombia for the second time. I am praying already because there are more places to go. I would like to go to Western Asia and India. I cannot think of India, and not think of Amy Carmichael. I would love to go there. Hopefully my new position which starts on the 19th will have 3 weeks a year vacation days. I've never really taken big vacations as a nurse but with God all things are possible!

2008 was the year of the blog, that's when I started this obsession and met a lot of you! People I feel like I am getting to know and like! The kids have me on Facebook. I am trying not to get hooked on another computer gig or my life will turn into a keyboard. There is more to living than writing. Isn't there? Food! Laundry! Cleaning! Taking pictures for the blog!

We had visits with lots of friends, Coffee Bean came. Debbie in CA, came with her two girls, and I'm going there today!!!!! Which is why I am awake at this incredible hour. I think I have packed enough stuff not to need anything. We are going to be making almost daily changes in order to visit everyone we can. I'm flying in tonight to Sacramento to see Debbie. I will be with her until the 2nd, when I will go into San Jose and meet up with my Big Daddy who will get in about 7pm. Then we will pick up a rented car and head over our beloved mountain and into Santa Cruz. We will stay with another Debbie for 2 nights, Sat morning is the memorial for our friend. An old pastor we have loved for many years is doing the service. It will be at the church where we met and we have a lot of old friends there, should be quite a day! The next day we will take Norma home, back up to Paradise. We will get a nice visit in the car it's a 5 hour trip and spend a night with her. The next day we will spend in Elk Grove, with Papa's middle son, his family, and new baby girl that we haven't got to snuggle with yet. This poison oak had better be gone by then!

The day after that we travel out of Sacramento to Livermore and see my lovely Auntie Mum, one day there. From there down to San Jose and spend another night with the #1 firstborn son, his wife and family. It's really hard to visit a place where you lived most of your life, there are probably another 10 to 20 people we could really enjoy getting to see, it's just impossible!

It's not over yet. From San Jose we go back over the mountain and UP the mountain to see the youngest son, wife and the 2 year old baby. Pa has seen her once, it'll be my first time. They are expecting another! Pa has a cousin who lives a couple of doors down so we'll have to stop by and say howdy since we are driving right by their house! They live in a cabin with a million dollar view of the mounatins and ocean, you can see Montery Bay in their front yard, it is spectacular, I am hoping for a clear day and sun that day so we can see it!

After all this whirlwind of family and moving about we will go down into Santa Cruz actually still in the mountains, off Branciforte Rd into a serene little cabin setting. We will spend the last leg of our journey with two couples who are some of our closest friends. A three day weekend. By then we will be ready to consume some California wine and take a load off. There will be laughter lots of it and wonderful food. My friend is a fabulous cook! We love to stay with them. They actually came out to see us once, we'd love to have them back, and repay the hospitality!

Now you can understand why I am awake. That's a lot to pack for. It's going to be cold. We are probably going to be "camping out" at the kids houses, no guest rooms. I packed my pillow, my down jacket, my Ugg boots, sweats, and about 6 pairs of pajamas. Not to mention everything else I might want, including a new book for the plane. I'm considering taking my crocheting so I have something to busy myself with. I'm serious, sitting still isn't easy to do! Even though we will be very busy I won't actually have anything to work on. I guess I'll take it. I'm making a baby blanket for the baby, maybe I'll finish it there.

It's almost 6:30, wonder if I can go back to sleep? I doubt it. I probably won't be able to post until I get home unless we post together at Wisteria and Roses, who knows what great fun we'll have together. I just wish I could peruse the gardens but they will be snow covered. Instead we will have pots of hot tea and talk a million miles per hour. Debbie can talk very fast, she's passionate about life and so interesting to have conversations with. If we're not gabbing theirs something to see or somewhere to go. Too little time, but oh what a way to bring in the New Year! Can we celebrate or what?


Flea said...

Oh have fun! It has been a very good year, hasn't it? God is so good. Hugs and smooches to Debbie and clan! Hope her hand is better!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip!! Can't wait to see the photos when you return:)

Happy New Year!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummmm I am exhausted yet excited for you!
I had to giggle at my first popping thought when you said Debbie can talk fast... I have come to realize that not only do I think slowly i listen slowly (sometimes I take way to fast before the brain has caught up) but anyway I guess it is a southern thing... and I hope you both kick back talk slow listen slow and savor that tea time :)
HUGs laura

farmlady said...

I will be with you in spirit Karen,
Our paths may even cross, in the next few days and weeks, without us even knowing. I will be in the Bay Area, Elk Grove and Pacifica this weekend and next week.

Have a wonderful trip. The weather is beautiful. It will be foggy in the valley but lovely everywhere else.
Happy New Year.

Elysa said...

LIVERMORE?!?!!! OMGOSH! I used to live there! Yep...the summer when I was 7. I have wondrous memories of that place including 5 cent icecream cones at some drugstore in a plaza, living for a month at Del Valle and taking baths in the stream, seeing THE SOUND OF MUSIC at the cinema, and NO SWEAT! That was a HUGE deal for these Mississippi folks!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Safe travels and enjoy the time with your friends.

I have to mention that when I read "Big Daddy" I thought it said "Blog Daddy" and I said, HEAVENS! She's meeting some strange man she met on the internet out in California! That's what happens when you read with tired eyes.

Have a wonderful time, and give Blog Daddy a hug.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!!! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

Anonymous said...

You are going to have a blast...I'm sure you already are! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I am wishing you a wonderful time with Debbie and her family.

Happy New Year to you all.

Just Me said...

I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip, and a blessed 2009 and beyond.

Thank you for visiting my mundane little blog. It's nice to see a new face once in a while.

Karen said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip. And I hope 2009 is as blessed as 2008 was.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great trip. Have fun!

Angela said...

I've been thinkin about you, praying for ya and just plain excited to read all about your trip...((hugs)) Happy New Year sister!!!

Susiewearsthepants said...

I am tired just reading about all that. I have re-dedicated myself to blogging and hope to be accepted back into the fold. Sniffle....I missed you guys!

kitter said...

Karen hope you're having a great trip!! You busy girl...
can't wait to read about the trip when you get back! And what's this about a NEW job????!!!! Do tell...Love ya Kit

Unknown said...

Wowser! Just reading about all that you had to do was exhausting! I am so thankful you had a blessed time. This made my day!