Monday, December 8, 2008

Now I Can Relax!

We went to the post office today. I was going to photograph the pile of parcels that were going to be a small little happy just for the youngest grandchildren. It actually was pretty contained. Our pastor brought back beautiful hand made ornaments from Turkey and we decided to get each of our adult children one of those. So we ended up with a pretty big production in terms of the postal service. I also wrote a few Christmas cards, just a few.

I would like to send you, my bloggie buddies a little handwritten card, no obligation to return the gesture. I promise no hokie generic letter, I'll save that for a blog post! Bwahaha. Actually I am rekindling some of the more old fashioned Christmas joys and would just like to include you in the cheer. Some of you that have little ones may get an additional happy. Karen over at Rocking Pony, I would so love to send a little greeting to your precious children!

I'm completely finished with shopping. We are having a few presents can't avoid them all together because the girls were not raised that way. They have had some difficult news regarding their mother, sister and brother; so a little fun is on the menu. They will have great stockings this year. I would like to be getting their stocking stuffers!

Now the baking can start. I'm hoping to have a few girlfriends over with their daughters and have a hot cocoa and cookie gab fest. We are also hoping to bring our single mom's little boy, ( our little adopted family) over to make home made dough ornaments. He is 9 and we thought he would enjoy that. Definitely will be a photo moment.

Sunday is the Carols by Candlelight service an incredible musical production by a local church that just makes my Christmas every year. It's a spectacularly beautiful production with both traditional and contemporary music. the grand finale of this amazing choir of several hundred people is Handles Messiah the Alleluia chorus which always brings me to tears with it's magnificence.

It was just awesome to be home today. I am still so short of breath and wheezing like a whistle but this too will pass. I'm so content and enjoying the preparations because I am not allowing it to get out of hand. Everything so far has been fun, and that is the way Christmas should be.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Relax? How many years have I known you? I've never seen you R-E-L-A-X! I've seen you crash, I've seen you burnout, and I've seen you sick as sick can be . . . but I have never seen you RELAX! Wow! I'm staying right here and waiting to see the pics. ; D

* * * * *

Love you and MISS YOU TONS!!! Wanna come bake at my house??? Tomorrow is those to-die-for ginger cookies from Noble Pigs blog and the next day will be Rachel's famous extra E-Z fudge. Oh wow! I'm gaining weight just commenting. Maybe I'll lace up my running shoes and jog over to bake with you (2,000 miles oughta burn a few calories). Oops! I don't own a pair of joggers or tennies or any other athletic shoes. Will ballet slippers do? XO!

Grandma Tillie's Bakery said...

I am smiling just reading about your holiday fun! Good for you to have fun and enjoy your family. I know what you mean about the music at the church too. There is something about worship music at Christmas that reminds me what spiritual beings we really are.

Becky said...

I love good old fashioned mail. I am glad you are getting into the Christmas Spirit. I love to bake but with 8 'helping' hands it can get a little frustrating. Dough ornaments sound like fun though.

Angela said...

Your Christmas card is sitting inside my hutch, waiting to be 'written' with love and mailed..((hugs))

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you have it all together and get to relax how wonderful is that!!! I am so far behind and so lacking in motivation that it is painful...
baking sounds fun I am just learning how to bake :)

Flea said...

I got a package in the mail! Full of fabric and a bear and a tote and an angel! What fun!!!

Denise said...

Hi...just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog!!

We enjoy the stockings around here the most!!

Take care.

Karen Deborah said...

so cute you have beautiful children so excited that your adding to the family!

Unknown said...

Right on about Christmas being fun and not stressful! Love your attitude and your beautiful heart!


To Ms. Karen Deborah

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Karen Deborah said...

Thank you to the newcomers for stopping by, please come again.