Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why Am I Surprised?

I really did wonder if anybody would post on Christmas? I did and um everybody it seems has posted. No missives, but at least a Merry Christmas. I think we had one of our best in spite of me waking up with poison oak on my face, neck, and chest. Think my sweet little kitty gave me a present. Speaking of presents we had some very thoughtful gifts and will be posting pictures of those later.
For tonight let me recap with the joyful Christmas Eve when we decided to go ahead and open gifts to sleep in. These are teenagers, I agreed because I didn't want to wait any more and I also knew their stocking were going to be the best part the next morning. I also figured that I would wake up and if they weren't up, Nannie would wake them and tell them Santa had been here! Actually that is exactly what happened. I being the old grown up antique relic of a grandmother ailing; woke them all at 7:30am THAT is sleeping in on Christmas! I've improved, really. This year the girls loved everything and they pulled off some surprises on me! But I am getting ahead of myself. I want to include photos. My darling Auntie Mum stole the show this morning with her lovely gift of family heirlooms, it's a hanky affair.
I caved on Christmas Eve day and got Papa a gift, just didn't quite make it. Our friends couldn't come over they had car trouble and wound up stuck on the gulf coast. We improvised and feasted on all the food and goodies, cake and goodies, candy and goodies that were to be found in prolific abundance around here. I stayed in my pajamas today drank eggnog with a bit of spirits and the girls and I gabbed and watched movies and relaxed. We got up to eat fudge. They were quite content and very pleased.
We spent some family time reading from the book of Luke about the birth of the baby Jesus and pondered on that, such a humble needy start. We played cards, Go Fish, and also drove up to the Canton square to see the display of lights, really lovely.
It was a merry time had by all, and as Tigger has been quoting since we watched a particular favorite film of mine; "God bless us every one."


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas dear new friend.

Yes, I got your Christmas card with the lovely surprise. A little something is on its way to you!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That sounds like a wonderful Christmas--well, all except the poison oak. If it gets too bad I believe you can get a prescription for something to help. I have a friend who gets it something awful, and she says the prescription stuff does help.

How in the world did you figure out how to make it snow? That's incredible.

Angela said...

Sorry to read about the poison oak. Your kitty is just too 'loving',lol. Like you, I stayed in my pj's all wonderful day yesterday!! I was up at 4 a.m. Christmas morning. Spent time with the Lord, than back to bed, to be awoken by the teens at 7 a.m., LOL. Prezzies opened, lots of laughter and joy, than off I went to start preparing brunch for my family. It was a very relaxing day,visitor's popping in and just a VERY lazy day after all the brunch dishes were done. Now I'm trying to wake this family up so we can go shopping.!!! YEPPER,, Boxing Day sales, HERE WE COME!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sounds like a wonderful time wa shad by all! tell piglet I am proud of her now can she come help me with MY pig sty? gads I have to clean my room and remove clothing that does not fit from the closet and make room for the baskets full sitting in the floor... sigh... Just had left over dressing and gravy, mac n cheese, lima beans, sweet taters for brunch :) mike made himself some ham and eggs and one teen female is still sleeping so all is nice and peaceful in the house of hall!
Hugs Laura

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!