Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time Out from Life to Blog.

These are painting projects. I am going crazy. We are going to have company all month. The family is having a BIG family reunion. Most of my Hunny's kids are coming. We will have 5 adults and 2 kids plus us, over here for a week. Then one day off and 2 cousins that we love, will be here for 3 days. There goes the month!

My bathroom was a disgrace. I showed my cute little Brazilian friend, she had a fit. She came over and started taping and slapping paint on the walls. My kind of little buddy!

Like the color? I love love love the color. You do not get to see the nasty before pictures. The walls were a light lavender, but where we had cleaned the paint turned blue and it was streaked and a MESS. Yuk.

There are lot of nooks and crannies in the bathroom. I had to use some mud and fix some corners; work work work!

This is still waiting, it's just primed.

We have also been cleaning up the yard. Lots of cleaning, hedge trimming and weeding. I STILL haven't replanted my irises and fixed up the bulbs.


Where the garden was and is no longer. I am waging war on fire ants, piss ants and chiggers!

A few little pretties remain, just a touch of fall color for you.

The mums, are going to explode, there are millions of buds.

I am working my keister off!! Is that a word keister? I have no idea how much blogging I am going to do this month. Much as I love ya, there is just to stinkin much work to do and I am running out of time. the big crew gets here Thursday. I will of course take hundreds of pictures of the grandchildren. This will be the first time we see that little boy he's 3 months old already.
Yeah, we are excited. I have borrowed a baby swing a port a crib and a bouncy seat, and we are cleaning up the piles that live on every table. Holy cow!! Like I said the keister...

I need to shut up and paint!


WudWerkr said...

we are remodeling a basement bathroom , wanna come over and help ?? In ur spare time???

Chris H said...

I hope you have a fantastic week with your family and have a special time with your new adorable grandson!
I adore all babies!

joanne said...

it will all be worth it when you are done, not only do you get to enjoy a sparkling new house but you get to fill it with everyone you love...that's the best!

Unknown said...

It looks beautiful! You are doing an absolutely outstanding job! But really, when don't you do an outstanding job? : ) Love your new profile picture. It says SERENE! : )

Michelle said...

Holy cow woman! It is looking good!

Karen said...

The bathroom color is gorgeous. LOVE it.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks great!!
My bathroom used to be the color that you just painted yours.
I have been spackling and painting too. My bathroom. It is now an ocean mist color. And white. I still have the floor to finish, with new lenoleum. I can't wait till it's done.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

my iris's are coming on up and i suspect they will be amazing next spring! thank you so much! love the bathroom redo! we have two that need it... heck the whole house does but... none will get done unless i win the kitchen makeover :)
it takes votes votes votes LOL
HUGS and have a wonderful time with family!!!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful time with all your company. The place looks great

farmlady said...

That bathroom is looking nice. That's a pretty color. I need to do something. You're lighting a fire here. Everything has been just sitting too long. So much to do. You have inspired me. I think.
Is there really such a thing as a "piss ant". I thought that was something you said to someone you didn't like. It's a real ant?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Sounds like a busy but productive month for you!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me! Love the color of the bathroom! My goodness, I feel like a lazy lump. How do you do all this stuff with a bum hip and broken feet?

Y'all should adopt me. Then I could come too.