Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Thoughtful Morning

I can't find my camera anywhere. I have been talking and thinking all morning about focusing more on God and gratitude. How to hold loosely to my agenda, my possessions, my future. To learn more what it really means to surrender and trust, to fall back and let go...

my camera.

I was thinking on the large grandiose scale of my house, my furniture and stuff. I almost don't care what happens to any of this stuff anymore. I certainly can't take it with me into a 6 foot hole in the ground.

Isn't that just like God to show you what you do hang onto? He knows what object holds my affection.
My camera..."thou shall not have any other gods before me".
It's not about having, it's about having a love that is before God.
He just wants first place.
That's the challenge because WE  want to be in first place. 
The "I am always on my mind," thing. 

After frantically searching every single spot I have ever placed my camera I decided to take a deep breath and let go. Only two things can happen, I will find it or it is lost.
In the scope of all that is going on in this world today that is a very small problem.
The droughts, the heat, the fires, the floods, to name a few. 
I am safe

I am not  

I am blessed.
God is our provider
a present help.
Each and every need.
Free medicine.
Fresh food given to us.
Beautiful clothing.
Increasing health.

Knowledge to become even more frugal.
The home made house hold cleaners are AMAZING!
Are you interested ?
Want to make some?

What gives you contentment?
One definition of content is,
happy enough with what one has or is; not desiring something more or different; satisfied.

Am I happy with what I am and what I have? 
Am I in a thankful grateful state of mind not desiring something more OR DIFFERENT?

To be able to just be. To give thanks for what is. To have a restful peaceful trust that GOD is in control and because that is true; I CAN RELAX.

Wowzas, this is tough. It is tough because my mind is always on the go. I am always thinking about what can be different. I have been thinking about the front yard it's too overgrown, our house is invisible. Our shutters are dated...blah blah blah...different different different.
When something happens to make things "better," I notice for a couple of days and then just like a toy soldier wound up with a super energizer bunny battery, I'm marching on.
Moving forward!

Is anybody else wired like that?

The people I most admire are always off the grid. They are farmers or live in rural areas. They are connected to the land, connected to God and are keenly aware of their dependence on Him for every good thing. For rain...
Is it turning off the TV? The computer? The cell phone?
Is it possible to reach a level of satisfaction wherever you are? 
It should be, so why is it so hard to do?
Can we find that rich relationship with the FATHER in a busy suburb in the city?
Do you know anyone who has?

These are real questions for me. I'm not just trying to write a post. I'm really asking.
I have never been on the frugal, non-consumer, page before.
When I go to the store it sometimes appalls me.
The quantities we have to chose from, it's gross.
We waste so much.
I have not been a good steward with my money or my time or my heart.
I am still alive and change is something that I can chose to do.
I want more of God and less of me.


farmlady said...

"If the angel deigns to come, it will be because you have convinced her, not by tears, but by your humble resolve to be always beginning: to be a beginner.
God is at work in your life and you are becoming more aware of him every day.... the real him... the one who teaches us if were only listen.

Rita said...

I believe you will enjoy being frugal over time. It just grows on you. It is exciting to wait for a good buy and see how much you can save. I am in my 22nd year and find new ways to do with less all the time. The fun part is I still get the things I really want. How neat is that! You take a really good picture.

Chris H said...

Clearly I cannot understand your feelings about God... as I am not a religious person.

But I'm glad you are happy in your life...

If I couldn't find my camera it would drive me nuts until I did! I'm like that... nuts.

Life In a Little House said...

I enjoyed your thoughts I to would love to do more with less and keep on the frugal side ~Your so sweet I do hope you find your camera that is a nice picture of you!! Ugh my new puppy is turning out to be quite a handful I am sure we will have some good stories to share lol!! Hope you had a nice weekend with much peace and joy ~Love Heather

joanne said...

I love when you speak from your heart, even when you question Him. I too want to do more and use less. I feel that I am understanding all these things that you are feeling and I am feeling them too...all in good time right?

Angela said...

I want more of God and less of me.

amen amen amen

Bluebird49 said...

More of God, less of me sounds like the pinnacle of what I want; still I know I am wasteful and I think about what I want more than what HE wants! Far too often I am worrying, and not letting God do His work in my life.

What a thought-provoking post, Karen--I will be waiting to see what you're up to net---as always!