Saturday, May 5, 2012

Newsflash Mine and Ours

It's been a challenging week.

We have some tax issues to straighten out and THAT is NEVER easy or welcome.

I am having struggles with a granddaughter and her choices.  When our adult kids blame us our our beliefs for their problems instead of owning their part in it; well it's just ugly. Warts warts warts.
Family pain isn't over until we are dead.

On the other hand our other granddaughters are bringing us joy!

There have been a lot of hot topics in the news that have just made me hoppin mad.
Legislature against parents having their kids work on the family farm. I do not buy the argument about migrant workers kids. This is just one more freedom being grabbed. Besides farmers are about the last group of folks still instilling a good work ethic in their kids. A blanket statement yes, but most people are more interested in PROVIDING for their kids then teaching them to work.

Think about it. Lessons, games, activities, friends over, play dates, etc.... but how about chores?
Please tell me your teaching your kids to work. It will restore my faith in America.
What do you have them do?
All our kids have a strong work ethic. They always had to help and weren't allowed to just play all the time. Their weren't any games then either unless they came in a box. Children had to interact with each other which is a whole nutha subject.

Next up was a video clip about a woman facing 3 months in jail if convicted for planting a vegetable garden in her front yard. I about had a stroke. THINK about the progression of what is happening in our country. First it is politically correct speech, now politically correct YARDS?

I am beginning to think that any kind of work, ingenuity, or independent thinking and problem solving is facing an executioners block. What happened to private property? Seriously we have to conform on this level?

What do you think? Is this still the home of the brave and the land of the free? I doubt if this would be happening in Texas, maybe not Mississippi depending on where. I think her yard is lovely plus the kids in her neighborhood are learning where food comes from.

I thought we working on more community food projects and gardens and better use of land and resources. This is insanity.

Photobucket I wish I had some nice raised beds like hers that is one of the best ways to garden. Any pictures of my yard are from last year not how it looks now. I could use a crew of workers to weed and loosen my soil. Neither of us has had any pep left over for yard work. Never thought I'd see the day.

I've been thinking about ordering Nutrisystems or something that could be delivered so I don't have to shop or cook. The price is really cheap right now. I still don't do much but I'm getting better slowly. My doctor told me that when your not in your twenties you don't bounce back fast.
Nice....maybe I don't bounce at all. Maybe I just lie there.

Photobucket The heat has turned up, had to close the windows and turn on the AC. The windows have been open for a couple of months and it has been wonderful. Ilove fresh air and fans. We really got a break on our utility bills too.I used to ask Jim how the weather "knows" when we change the calendar! May gets hot from now until October. The rest of the year is awesome so we have our pluses.

The good news.
Both the poodas have new haircuts and look gorgeous. They feel good too very frisky.

A friend won  3 months of free membership at a local health club and gave it to me. WOWZAS
she wanted me to have it for my rehab. A couple more weeks and I'll start. I can't risk breathing anything right now or being exposed to any ones illnesses. It is something nice to look forward too.

I'm going to limit or maybe quit FB so I post more. There is only so much time in the day. I can waste a lot of time on FB and never post. I used to notice that other people who blogged and then went on FB quit posting, and now I have done it too! I'd rather blog and read blogs.

My writing is sloppy and if I blog more my writing skills will improve. There has to be more in life than random.

I'm trying to sew again, read again, cook again and write again.
Not to mention cleaning exercising, laundry, dogs, and gardening which have ALL fallen by the wayside.
Hey that must mean I am alive!!
It at least means that I want to do more than comment on FB half the day. Your probably much more disciplined than I am.

Go ahead and sound off what do you think?


joanne said...

I think this country has become full of a bunch of cry babies who don't do a da*m thing to improve the plight of many. I think we both raised our kids the same way and it's time to get back to the basics. A little discipline goes a loooong ways. When did it get this crazy, how??? I'm so tired of banging my head against the wall and getting no where.
OK, I got

take care KD, you know you are one of my first blog loves!

Kat said...

This country has become a bunch of wimps with the government all up in our business. It is ruining us. Not having kids work on their family farm???? Are you freaking kidding me? Have any of these government officials ever worked on a farm or been to a farm a day in their life. Makes me so damn made. They have no clue what they are talking about.
Whew. I try not to think about it too much cause I just get too hot.

I don't really do Facebook anymore. Just check in once in a while. I would rather read people's blogs than just the one liners about what a person ate that is always posted on FB. ;)

You're right. Family stress never ends. It is always something. I was just talking with my mom about how you NEVER stop worrying about your kids (and then grandkids). It is never ending!!!
Hope it gets better and more peaceful for you!

Heather said...

Ha that is shocking about the garden...she should be allowed to plant in her front yard if she wants to! It is getting hot here also our AC is broke ugh but they finish installing our new one today thankfully...I hope you are starting to feel better I will keep praying :) Ugh I hate FB I keep on so I can stay connected with my family but then I always end up reading something from somewhere else haphazardly that just annoys me to no end. I think it can be so negative I would much rather blog ;) Our country is changing so much and it is little by little. I think more and more we will need to be paying attention to bills and such that they are passing to make sure we are not losing our freedom in little increments. Or one day we will wake up and it will be gone! ~xx Love Heather

Chris H said...

That lady and her vege garden was on our News on TV... and it's totally nuts that she can't grown them on her own property, front OR back.

Unknown said...

My kids do tons of chores. Takes a clan to take care of a clan. We all work around here.....except the 8 month old, but I'm sure I could figure out something for her too. ;-)