Monday, August 27, 2012

The Survey Says...

Isn't there some kind of game show that says, "and the survey says!" ? I'm sorry but that is the best I can phrase that question. It's a lack of hormones issue. My brain scan was normal. I can't claim dementia for an excuse and that makes me a perfect idiot!!! So my survey says estrogen loss and heat don't mix. Estrogen loss and intelligence don't mix either, that is kind of like water and oil.

The survey also says that these factors do not a good writer make. Structuring a cohesive thought requires that the thoughts are not rabbit trails. Wabbit wabbit.

For the past three months I have been struggling with my feet. A ruptured capsule in the Achilles tendon on the left leg and plantar fascitis on the right foot. I think both are the results of obeastity.
No typo there, my play on words. I have been working on weight loss. I stopped the Leanness Lifestyle University program. It is too regimented for my abilities. I don't like getting automatically generated letters that remind me to be successful I need to do x y and z. Not because I don't want to do x y and z. I cannot do x y and z. Not to much flex in the program.  I did however learn a lot. If you have no physical limitations and you like to eat a lot of meat, go for it. I should be able to let an automatically generated letter not bother me right? Too type A, I guess. The survey is out on that one.
I have had a lot of trouble trying to get a partial refund. The coach just won't answer my emails. Guess I may have to just write off that hundred bucks. I could use the 6 months but I didn't want to get those letters and eat more chicken..... I don't like chicken that much. The survey is out on that one too.

OK that's enough beef. If I had to pay $10 a pound then boy howdy alright!!

 I have been having a great time lately!
The survey is in on company and it's great!
 My grand baby came for 10 days.
 she had her birthday...
 the pups luvved her...
 the survey says she is prettier every year....
 and our hearts grow fonder. Pa has the same birthday. 23 years ago she was a little 4 1/2 pound present.
 Hummm look at the previous pic and then scroll down quickly, see anything different?
I swear that dog likes his picture taken.
 Feelin the LOVE!!!
 Sammy is smitten she called him Sambodian.
 Why is it that once I begin to lose weight I look so overwhelmingly FAT?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
We are out celebrating birthdays and also our 25th wedding anniversary is coming up.
 My brother and his sweet wife came for a weekend visit to celebrate birthdays too.
My hunny is 75. A very handsome and hunky 75, the survey says.
There is that dawg again....check the survey on poodles and cameras.
 We also had little people come to visit. These two kept us in stitches they were so funny all we did was laugh.
 Family love.
This beautiful lady is one of the biggest blessings in my brothers entire life. The poodle and the survey says, just sayin.


joanne said...

you crack me up! Survey from Family Feud with Richard Dawson...I remember watching it when I was just born.
I think you look fantastic, sorry those feet are bothering know I have a crush on your feet!! remember?
Congratulations on all the celebrations all of you and blessings for many, many more.

Karen Deborah said...

Yeah Family Feud!!! verra apprapro

Kat said...

And now you're in a cast! You poor thing! What next? Gah!
At least you still have your sense of humor. :)
I think you look fabulous. Stop being so mean to yourself.
Glad you had such a lovely visit(s)! :)

Mental P Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Just get the book "Wheat Belly." And, unfortunately, I think we all know it is less calories in that make it work. sigh

Feel better!