Friday, July 27, 2012

Projects Presents and Portrait Madness

 Remember these roadside finds? They look pretty in this picture but this white color was actually a mold and they were a big mess. But hey they were free and in this case someones trash really is my treasure.
 Washed down and stained. AND my mama said to neva say neva because as soon as you do you'll be eatin them words. I used polyurethane. I used a lot of it!!!! Whahhhhaaaa it looks great.

 Like I said they turned out so pretty we decided to bring them inside.  I need to recover the cushions they are plastic coated.
 Looks nice huh?
 My hubbins bought birthday flowers. He is also sending me away to give him a break and get me out of his bald head  see my girlfriend. I also got a sweet card and it had spending money in it for my trip.
 Another project we had been tackling was to make the weed patch look like a flower garden again and it does.
 These are the other two chairs I picked up off of the curb. Can you believe how great they fit in?
 Here is some of my recent "art." I painted this table top with two colors of turquoise and then some stain to make this effect.
 Also painted a second table. I wanted them to be the same colors but look unique. I wasn't trying to make them match.
 A bit of rearranging pictures after the paint touch up. And I also painted the frame of this print.

 This is the top of the dresser that needed the veneer removed. I love how it looks. It's several types of wood and it's distressed because it was actually made out of scraps.
 Matched the stain and it blends well, didn't have to refinish the whole piece just the top. The hunny took off the veneer and then sanded it down with a belt sander and an orbit sander. I used steel wool between coats of stain and oil varnish. Hey that's my new camera in my hands in the reflection and Romans butt in the air, he's always gotta be in the action.
 My daughter bought me this lamp for my new room and a new willow figurine. They were birthday presents and she couldn't wait to give them to me on my birthday she gave them to me early.

 Then she went and bought me ANOTHER present! This one was ON my birthday.
 She told me she loved me.
 She had it gift wrapped and it was bee youuuu ti fullll.
 Boo is taking their pictures. From here things began to get vera verra silly.
 I never have on make up when the camera gets pointed my way.
 Opening this beautiful package is really fun, I can't lie. It might be more blessed to give than receive but I can tell you from experience this receiving deal is fun! Yep, I like it!!!
 And I love her. She is my beautiful beautiful girl.
 You made me laugh yes you did!!
 I can make a bigger chicken neck than you can..... no we di'int.....yes way we did.
That is some serious DNA there. Our wrinkles match.
 My brain just did a tilt.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to show you what was in the box! A beautiful maxi dress. Perfect for summer.  It's purty.
Tommorrow I am going to sleep in. I hope I sleep until noon. I have nothing on my agenda, nothing ya hear me!!!! If I get an idea I'm going to call someone to come over and put me in my room and lock the door. No more ideas for awhile ok?
So ah what's cookin at your place?


Janie Fox said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like so much fun when you two are together! I loved all your decorating. Those chairs are so great. I also loved the dresser. And the table tops. Well, all of it like I said!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Happy birthday girl! You are so clearly loved...Great work on your roadside finds!

Who'd a thunk it!

Heather said...

Wow everything turned out great the house is looking so cute!! love all these chairs you found!! and a very very Happy Birthday to You!! Love Heather

Debbie said...

New follower here. I had a lot of fun here enjoying your post. Lady, you know where the best curbs are! Loved your projects as well.
Have a good week.

Rosie_Kate said...

Happy birthday a few days late! I always remember your birthday because it's the same day as our anniversary. :-) Looks like you're doing well and having fun! Keep it up!

Kat said...

Wow! So much fun stuff!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday! It sounds like it was a wonderful one. What a lovely family you have.
And my goodness, you certainly have a knack for design. I LOVE all your finds and fixes. So pretty! You have such great style :)

Chris H said...

I love all your past and present endeavours... you are a handy girl around the house for sure.

Hot flushes... OMG don't tell me about them! I was getting one EVERY 20 minutes, day and night.
I'm taking amitryptiline (SP?) at night now and it has stopped them almost completely!
I started only taking one, but now I have to take 4 in order for them to still work!
I hope I don't have to up the number any more!