Monday, July 2, 2012

Confessions of a Curb Cruiser

How proud are you? If you could have these chairs just for the taking would you do it?
Apparently I have no shame because they are mine and it was legal.

 On trash day I drove by these two rattan chairs. My neck nearly whiplashed as I did a double take and then slammed on the brakes and into reverse with the speed of a southern tornado. I love driving a pick up truck. The tranny is still in it too. A neighbor happened to be walking by and he put them in the back of my truck for me, as a nice southern gentlemen would. I was giddy I tell you. Somedays I have the luck!
These need some work but I have the time. I'll show you the progress as I go.
 These dining chairs were also on the curb. One full truck load and I'm on my way.
You can sort of see this little French Provincial end table, it was a gift.
Weeded watered and partially planted, whoot hoot!!  I know I have the heat stroke because I am insane to even be outside. The morning is alright and the night, but this has been a heck of a heat wave.
The good news is that with the lack of rain the mosquito numbers are down. I can actually enjoy an evening outside without being eaten alive. I think the heat has even gotten to them nasty critters.
Now that it's cleaned up I have to water every day to keep it alive. GAH! This is the south we sweat buckets here for natural green, usually. Come on if I din't gripe about somethin in summer I really would be sick. The older I get the more I dream of snow and fog. Pools are nice. What I end up doing is sticking my head under the hose and then drinking out of it just like a kid. Our water is good here. It tastes good anyway. I know, don't say anything!

So much better than knee high weeds. I have had some help from friends  too!
Plants real plants! Hallelujah.
I have decided the only part of myself that is really photogenic anymore is my feet. How they hold me up is beyond comprehension. I am ashamed of myself for all the fat ladies I have ever judged, before I became one. For all the bones I have broken it would sure be convienent to have my jaws wired shut for awhile.  Just kidding, not really, no more pain please!

Sammy is so cute just a little digression. I am so crazy about this little guy. I know Roman gets jealous. I just can't help it though. Sammy always wants to be right next to me and he is cute.
He is also easy to groom. PURRRRRFECT.

The front of the house these days. Notice something missing?
One pick up truck load of plants to fill in where the weeds had taken over. Not picked up from the curb thank you very much. Also legally acquired.

I'll show you the finished product soon.
Right now I am trying to keep it alive!
Everything is trying to burn up.
Including me.


jean said...

Nothing wrong with picking up treasure where it's trash to someone else. Happy planting!!

Mental P Mama said...

When I was a young 20 something in NYC, I got the most beautiful yellow chintz sofa off the street! My mother was horrified, but I treasured it! You done good! Stay cool!

Kat said...

Oh, I have taken things out of the trash before, but here it is kind of a no-no. I don't know why. I have no shame that way. ;)
LOVE your gardens. It all looks beautiful! :)

Jensamom23 said...

Your garden is beautiful and drinking out of the hose is one of life's great pleasures in the summer heat. I must say that if I EVER saw something like those chairs on the curb around here, I would have grabbed them too! Love them!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said... are keeping your truck busy! Great steals...and finds!

Angela said...

I would definitely got whip lash over those two chairs. oh my goodness gracious girl. Your feet and those sandals are glorious. You crack me up. I'm so loving your front of the house. You have a beautiful home Karen. I love it...your garden is just looking so pretty. It's raining a touch here. I told randy it was like arizona weather here in Niagara area of Canada. Pretty soon I will be planting cactus in my front yard,,LOL