Sunday, July 1, 2012


In my last post I sort of promised to post more often. I had worked on a post about my garden and had all the pictures uploaded and whamo lost the entire thing! That is a first for me.  
(It was saved after all in drafts so it's there!)
 I needed to get my touch pad fixed because letters were hopping all over no wine or drugs either so I actually have had some reasons to be negligent again. But what the heck who needs excuses?
 I'm just lazy in the heat.
It has been seriously hawt! In spite of that with little spurts of activity in the morning or evening I have been getting a few projects done!
This is where you clap your hands, whoot hoot, and cheer wildly!
That's what I'm talkin bout!

 I was given this little 2 drawer end table. I decided to paint it and use it in my room.
I had a little can of sample paint in an aqua color for $1. I painted the cabinet with this and trimmed it with the same color as my room. It's a bit bright. I asked Cindy what she thinks I should do next after reading her painting furniture posts.

 My camera is just not showing colors right anymore. This chest is actually a turquoise color. It's bright and it doesn't fit too well with the antiqued pieces and cream colors, like this.

So I'm wondering if I should use some paste wax or rub and buff or what? Hopefully Cindy will have time to answer me. She has lost 60 pounds which is just what I need to lose! Yeah you go girl!
This is where I clap my hands wildly and act like an idiot giddy that someone has had success!
Cindy lives in my old stompin grounds in Cali. Back when I blogged a lot and read a lot I cruzed her blog frequently.

Another persons trash is my treasure.
But seriously couldn't these be taken to the Goodwill? Certainly not the garbage!
After taking the cushions off I'm trying to scrub them clean. They have some white powdery stuff and  a little mold on them. A few loose pieces of rattan around the legs but I think they are in very good condition.

 Here they are soaking wet and scrubbed which makes me want to stain them and keep the natural look.  When they dried they still showed the flaws, but were much better. I really don't want to spray paint them I love natural wicker and rattan. So what do you think?

How do you like my Birki's?  After the break in period my feet are feeling much better walking in these. I used to wear them in my old hippee days when there was one style and 2 colors. WOW have times changed! I bought these on slightly used for a great price. Have you checked out  All the smart techie people come up with such great ideas to make money. I seem to only have spending it figured out.

OK so my next post I'll show you whats been happening in the yard it's really different. Scratch that the next post will be the day I was crusin the curbs and finding furniture. Some of you may hate it and some will like it. I'll go ahead and warn you, the rose arbor is gone. The front of the house has been cleaned off. My arbor was being broken to pieces by that rose bush. It was getting as big as a tree. It was also too tall to prune and the branches could hurt you a real briar.
That's enough of that, I'll tell you about that later!

Don't forget to pray for the people, animals, and fire fighters in Colorado! Coffee Bean lives out there and other friends. Amazing that fire is still zero containment. When we lived in Felton I was more afraid of fire than earthquakes. When the forest gets started burning you cannot believe the heat and the speed that fire can travel!

How has your weekend been? What have you been clapping your hands about anything great?

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Heather said...

Wow good score with your rattan chairs...and love your birki's I have several pairs they make some really pretty ones now and your feet will thank you :) Sound like your enjoying your summer and keeping busy!! We have wild fires here as well and we have been at red flag all scary!!