Friday, July 6, 2012

LLU Day 4

What a week! I'd like to try and describe how quickly I am learning and how revealing it is. For many years I have thought that my knowledge of nutrition was pretty good. I don't eat very many processed foods. I believe in buying organic whenever possible, eating whole grains, whole foods and smaller portions. I know I like sweets and thought THAT was my problem. Sweets contribute but they aren't as much of a problem as I thought. Even with no sugar my diet is way off.

What I have discovered already is that my choices, even when I am making an effort to chose wisely are really off. My calories are too low. The fat and carbs are way too high and the protein is too low. All of that adds up to fat storage and hyper insulinemia. Most obese people are also malnourished. I have known that but not understood how it happens. I just assumed that overweight people eat junk.
That isn't necessarily so.

Think about just how easy it is to get sabotaged. Too much of the wrong things, too little of the right things, a dessert, or a quick purchase of a prepared food that looks low cal and really isn't. Then lets add in too little sleep and too little activity like exercise, too much stress and presto; weight gain.
It's already making sense.  Most of us can keep it together until we are 30, except now childhood obesity is seriously on the rise; as we age our battle with weight gets harder and harder.

I'm finding the Internet program easy to use, obviously informative, and their are real people willing to help support and teach me! Wow how awesome is that?

Another positive note. We found a little car tonight!!!! I'll take a picture tomorrow. I am so tired tonight. Even positive changes are exhausting. I'll be able to get into the pool to exercise again soon and I am on my way to health and wholeness.

Thanks again Janie F. If you wouldn't have shared I wouldn't have seen or heard or believed.
That's a lot like the gospel, good news.
This is good news.
I am feeling something I haven't felt since I went on disability. HOPE.
Hope to be better, stronger, thinner, healthier, and able to move, go work, and live.
That feeling my friends has my soul singing.


Mental P Mama said...

Good for you! But I am serious...check out "Wheat Belly."

farmlady said...

This post makes me very happy for you. You are going in a good direction and that is always a hopeful feeling.

Kat said...

Hope is priceless! So happy for you and the journey you are on. :)

Jensamom23 said...

I am in awe that it is making sense for you after such a short time! Logging the foods was VERY time consuming and frustrating for me as well in the beginning, but it does get easier. Keep it up!