Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not just one but 7

Can creativity become certifiably crazy?
Remember this little end table that has seen it's better days?

 It's been in the process of being transformed.  I painted it and it was a little bright so back to the drawing board.
 I used a sander and did a little distressing and then sporadically added some of these 2 finishes.
 The result made it look a bit older and took away the brightness. The result is really pretty and unfortunately my camera didn't do a very good job. The photographer has absolutely no blame in the matter, this is strictly technical difficulties.
 Nothing like finishing one thing and starting 6 more. My daughter returned some dressers and the tops needed work, so why not? I'm moving back down stairs and I want a fresh coat of paint on my painted pieces of furniture, so why not?

 35 years ago I put a replacement piece of birds eye maple veneer on this chest. It had buckled and chipped until it needed to be removed. My honey did that and then he sanded the top down. It is perfect for the distressed look. The top is an assortment of scraps. Different nicks and marks are present. I won't have to do anything except stain it and finish it. I think it's going to be gorgeous.
 I sprayed the rocker with a fresh coat of cream paint.  My hunny is going to use his sprayer and paint these other pieces with oil based paint so they will look awesome!
I have sprayed this with a stain and sealer. I am going to need a darker shade to achieve the look I'm going for. When I get it I'll spray it down with boat varnish. That will flex in the weather and also protect it really well. From there I'll have to see about some out door fabric to recover the cushions. Like I said can a burst of creativity be certifiably nuts?

If I was doing all this work by myself then i would get someone to come to the house and take me away. HOWEVER my handy fella was off this week and he was not opposed to working on a few of my ideas so hhhhhhooooooooo wweeee we di rawk on!!! When it dries I'll show you my big reveal.

I hope yawl are having a wonderful weekend it is raining here.  I treated my self to a movie and went to see the Avengers, it was so fun! I luv me some superhero action.


farmlady said...

Those "superheros" in the movie must have had a huge influence on your activity level. My goodness! You are outdoing yourself.
I'm impressed with all the ideas and the wonderful work on these old pieces. I learned that I can use "boat" varnish on things and that it will "flex" in bad weather. I didn't know this.
Certifiable nuts? On the contrary.You are an example to us all. You are lighting fires under me. I'm going to paint or stain, at least one piece of furniture this week.
Thanks for a great, motivational post...

Michelle said...

I am likin' these projects! I hope you will share when they all get finished!

Jensamom23 said...

Love the refinishings! Good for you!