Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coming Home

 I have been gone for two that is 2 weeks and I came home to flowers! Is that all I had to do? Just leave for awhile?
 Everything changed a lot. Spring here is like that. One day it's bare and a few weeks of sun and rain and wowzas you have a garden again.
 My house looked gigantic. It looked like home too.....sigh.
 The irises are blooming. They are a bit droopy this morning because we had a thunder storm last night.
I know that from the severe weather alert warning on my cell phone that happened last night while I was in a coma. Driving 12 hours will guarantee you a good nights sleep. I didn't even get up once to go to the bathroom. My bed felt great. I slept on a temperpedic in Florida not shabby at all but there is nothing like your own bed.
 Hi dogs, good morning. I brought them back home made dog biscuits from a farmers market in Atlantic Beach. As soon as Axel saw me he started beggin for a cookie. They know I
 am a sucker for a cookie. "Cookie cookie for youuuuuu". Whoofda.
 A little worse for the wear. It is also too sunny right now so my pictures are not as colorful as they can be with softer light.
 Full bloom.
 Tomato in a pot and it has little maters on it. I just planted that puppy 2 weeks ago.
 Ummmmmm be it ever so humble there is no place like home.
 Dark purple cherry tomato seedlings from heirloom seeds.
A few herbs that got happy while I was gone. I could however get very used to Florida!
Talk about some insanely beautiful places!!!!!! So here is a little taste of what is to come.
Everyone has been so tired of winter so here is a little summer fun for you. There is nothing quite like the beach and sand dunes, to lift ones spirits.
Well the shopping can be fun too.

The scenery was enough for me to really get some bliss going on. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

What a splendid trip! I love all of your pretty yard pictures!

Chris H said...

I love your house. It's really pretty with all the lovely gardens.