Monday, June 16, 2014

This &That Thanks

 Flash from the past. This was when I graduated from nursing school in 1994. I pulled these pictures out for Father's Day. That's me with my Dad when I was a baby.
 It has been the BEST year so far. These pictures are of my daughter and her daughter together!!!
 I am so loving this.
 They had these made for mothers day.  Heather and I sat for a picture at her church they were free, a gift on Mother's day :)
A quick change of subjects let's go from family portraits to the front yard! how is that for this and that random?
 I did use rocks around the front of the bed and as you can see I need to be doing some weedin again!!
 We have had so much rain, and HOT sun!
 Which makes everything grow double time. One of my most favorite flowers is in this pot. Want to guess?
 Do you remember that I said I wanted to make a sign for my shed that said, "Garden of Weedin"?
 Heather painted it for me
 I love it. This "shed" just looks adorable! Inside there is nothing but junk, haha.
This kitchen is done. The smell of paint is gone the doors closed and the floor is not mopped. Got ya. I took a day off today. My back is really tired and threatening to have a hissy fit. Once in awhile I need to listen.
I boxed up packages and went to the post office & UPS.  I spent $60 shipping stuff around the globe how crazy is that? Did you ever see a 5cent stamp? I remember them they were blue and a head on them. I think it was George Washington. I also remember gas for 21 cents a gallon. Now that I have completely dated myself I can move on to another topic.....

Which is why we do all this house keeping and gardening in the first place. We make homes for family and friends. We make homes for people to gather together and sit around the table and rejoice. I love having a home and keeping a home; it is a privilege that  all of us can at times take for-granted. I think there was more meaning in the words housewife or homemaker back in the day. It seems now it's more like buying the biggest house making it look like a magazine and then eating out because everyone works. It's fine if that's the life you chose, I am not dissing anyone personally. It's just that as I get older and think more about what kind of example I leave to my family and friends I want them to remember my home, not my house.
I want them to remember meals around my table.
Evenings on the patio. Dancing to the boombox outside or picking vegetables from the garden. I hope they remember the work of my hands and the love in my heart.


Bluebird49 said...

Loved all the pictures--you girls all favor each other. SO glad that Heather and Jen are so close again. And the outside and inside of the house look so beautiful and inviting. Hope your back feel better soon! <3

Chris H said...

I love your 'home' sentiment. I feel the same. I love my home, I love having friends and family visiting, sharing meals, chatting and so on. My house is certainly NOT a show home!
Sometimes you can draw pretty pictures in the dust! Shouldn't probably own up to that eh? lol

Chris H said...

Oh and the photo of you and your granddaughter are darling, as are all your photos. I love seeing your home and garden.