Friday, March 28, 2008

Fixin to Ramp it Up!

We are almost to the end of our first 10 weeks with Marathon Makeover. Personally I feel so much better. I can't believe that I can go out and walk three miles like it's walking around the block. The other really big deal is the flexibility from the yoga class. At 52 I have barely been able to touch my toes and would you believe I can bend over and lay my hands on the floor? Piglet deleted picchas from the camera and my spandex "before" shots were on there. There is already an improvement so by October I may be totally rejuvenated! The secret is little goals. Little doable goals that don't hurt. Like loosing 5 pounds 12 times, doesn't that sound easier?

Piglet is out driving the car alone for the first time! Be still my heart. Talk about resting on the everlasting arms, this is a big deal.Valium would be good. I tried to take her piccha and she said,"Your such a grandma! NO". Waaahh I wanted one. I didn't think quick enough to dangle the keys and the camera together, she already had the keys and was beat feetin it to the symbol of teenage freedom!
Help Lord.

This is the worst case of spring fever ever maybe. Everything inside has been cleaned up and foofooed afresh. The front porch is started, The flower beds weeded, forked up and new bark applied. Each day there is a new bloom to see. Today the first columbine opened, so pretty. I bought a cute little rack for $3 at Lil's junk shop today. I hung it outside the front door that nobody comes too. This is the south everybody comes around to the back door. I'm going to get some little pots and cups and put impatience in them and let them cascade down. I also set up a little rack and will get to potting that soon. The rockers need an overhaul. Have been thinking about maybe stripes and checks or some kind of eclectic paint job. I really want my husband to switch the front and back door. He thinks I'm crazy. the front door is a full length French door, the back door is a half french. To me the full length should be off the kitchen. Opinions please?

I was thinking of coloring my hair, more spring fixin stuff. My husband didn't know and he told me today that one of our friends gave me a compliment and said we both get better looking as we get older. Nice kiss. Also fed said friend (say that 10 times fast)a delicious roast beef dinner with an incredible mushroom sauce. It takes courage to age naturally, or maybe stupidity. I'm going to let my hair grow so I can wad it up in a clip and get it off my neck, forget color.

Thank ya'll for helping to spread the word about my little freebie. Don't forget there will be one more little special surprise item in the package! Welcome back to my sweet friend at Coffee Bean-Righteous Buzz. She is a delightful writer and ya'll will love to visit her.

Here's how to make my blow your mind roast. Pick a nice eye of round roast, check for grissel and try to avoid that. Heat a skillet very hot and add olive oil and minced garlic. Wash and pat dry your meat, very dry. salt and pepper it and sear it on all sides in the hot skillet. Place on a roasting rack and time for 15 minutes a pound for medium rare, at 375. 20 for well done(booo) Keep the skillet as is, reduce the heat to low and add a whole large food processor bowl full of sliced mushrooms. You may choose portabella or the regular little button ones or a mix of whatever is fresh. No cans! Season again. As they cook and get tender add a very generous portion of good red wine. I used Mondavi Merlot, if it's not good to drink don't cook with it either. Reduce this. When the liquid has reduced add half and half, not as much, mostly for some creaminess, I think I used about a half cup. When your meat is done (you can put a bit of water in the bottom of the pan while roasting so the drippings don't burn) pour the drippings into the sauce. Let the meat rest before slicing. Make a small bowl of rue, flour and water. The secret to no lumps is to add a small amount of water first and beat the rue and add water when the lumps are gone. If you try and add all the water at once you can never get the lumps out. Think cookie dough to pancake batter. While the sauce is at a fast simmer almost a boil add rue to thicken, whisk and reduce heat. Taste for salt and pepper. You can add a pinch of fresh Italian Provence blend with lavender if you like a bit of the fresh earth in your food. Prepare your mouth to freak out. This is DELISH!! If I don't say so myself. I served it with rice pilaf, fresh asparagus and my salad. Always a loaf of warm sourdough bread and real butter. I have given up my Good Seasons Italian dressing mix for lent. The same ingredients with fresh herbs garlic and salt and pepper is even better. What's the point of putting MSG on organic food? If you haven't seen the salad it's in older posts. Bon appetite! Muy bonita chiccas!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok send me directions to your house I wanna eat with you... back door /front door yes.... this is the south the back door is the front door LOL... ummm I can possibly explain how to put your pictures in but it will need to be a time that we both ar eon line and can call... to show and talk it through. email me if you want and I will send you my phone numbers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! There's a lot of information in that post!

Oh, and I'm on my way down for dinner.

Kathy said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading your previous posts. I love spring fevers and blooms. Your roast sounds great! Enjoy the new driver, now you have someone to run those tedious errands for you.

Karen Deborah said...

welcome Kathy be sure to enter for the give away.

Anonymous said...

Wow... you're changin' up the look again. I think I can read this from across the room! Isn't it fun to mess around with your blog?

Karen Deborah said...

Yep, lots of fun. I was seeing so many blogs with the same color scheme,so I thought I'd switch it up a bit. Kind of like rearranging your furniture without hurting your back!

MaBunny said...

Wow , love this post Karen! As for the pictures, they alwasy go to the top, but you can just copy and paste them where u want them. Thats what I do. Then I add captions and go back and delete the one in the wrong place. Its a pain in the butt I know but I do it becaue I'm addicted to blogging, lol.

and congrats on the Yoga thing. I don't think I could do yoga... I would like to try tai chi, na may have to check into that since spring /summer is almost here. I'm still very active in weight watchers and have had a loss, albeit small ones, in the last two weight ins. I don't feel so bloated and I feel like I have a bit more energy.

Talk to you soon