Monday, July 21, 2008

We Got Married In A Fever

Grandma and Lucy At The Crow's Nest in Santa Cruz


Cutting Bob's Hair-his wife made our cake

The House God Gave Us

Daddy BB's Mom & Grandma

August 30th, an outdoor wedding on a big deck, at our pastor's house, overlooking the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was gorgeous, and hot, but not too hot. God provided clouds until just before the wedding, and then the sun came out. I may have the only wedding in history that only cost $300.00. I spent $100 for my dress, $100 for my photos, and $100 for my flowers. The ladies from church decorated a white arbor at one end of the deck with peach flowers. My color was peach and everything was stunning, at least I thought so. I had a fresh flower cake topper, and we served cake and punch. We had a couple of little dishes with snackie things like those minty pillow candies and some nuts, but it was very simple. The woman who did the flowers was an artist with them. I told her I didn't want to carry a little ball of flowers, I wanted something I could lay across my arm. I also wanted a little bit of fresh roses and babies breath that I could wear in my hair.

We had about 50 people. Daddy BB didn't know who his best friend was he had 3 of them and it was a small wedding. My choice was easy it was Lucy, but we decided to just get married and not have all the extra hootenanny. My Dad was sick and couldn't come. The man who introduced me to Daddy BB gave me away. My Aunt didn't come, I'm not sure why. Jimmy's Mama came out from Mississippi and a lot of his relatives came, and our friends. After we had been married for a few years I knew who his best friend was. It was a tough choice but I could made it. Somehow that person and his wife didn't even get invited! Zowie, that was an oversight, blunder, big bad mistake, that everybody fears they will make. They love us and they didn't hold any grudges.

It was incredible that on this day I was a true bride. I had been married before but never felt really married. I was so nervous,when I was walking down that redwood deck isle, it was the real deal. I fixed my hair before I put my dress on, and Lucy came into the bedroom, where I was trying to dress; just in the nick of time to stop me from bawling my eyes out. I wanted my mom. If you can't have your mom, your best friend is the next best choice.

My daughter had been babysitting for a family that lived on our street. The young mom was an amateur photographer. She took our pictures. I used to cut hair at home and one couple loved how I fixed them both up, she made my cake as a gift. Twenty years later, I would make some of our friends a wedding cake as a gift. Passing along the love. I'm so crazy, I actually bought my wedding dress before Daddy BB "asked," me. I was being hopeful, you know "thinking positively", Grandma's girl. Lucy and I were shopping at a great outlet store in San Francisco, the dress was on display about 15 feet in the air above all the aisles of clothes. I took one look and had them get it down. It was the only one and it fit me perfectly, then. I was still having double dips and almost couldn't button it by the time I actually got to wear it. It was cotton, and had little covered buttons and pleats, I loved the dress. It's hanging in my closet, along with the shoes. I couldn't get my arm through a sleeve but it's in the house. It's proof that I wasn't always a cow.

The family that we had rented our home from also had a cabin in Lake Tahoe. We rented that for our honeymoon. All of Lake Tahoe was on fire but we didn't know it. The cabin had no TV or radio. We commented on all the smog and wondered why it was so hazy. Good thing there was no mandatory evacutations, we didn't know anything. There were six beds in that cabin.

We did take a ride up to Nevada to meet some of Daddy BB's cousins. It was love at first meeting, she gave me a sympathy card for marrying Daddy BB. I cracked up. Little did I know, how much I was going to NEED that sympathy,...

The Brady Bunch, plus one more teen not in this picture. You can see that out first Grandchild was on the way, born 2 weeks after we married which is another story,..


Debbie in CA : ) said...

I LOOOOOVE this story! I'm always amazed at how many things we shared in common (besides the fact that we looked like sisters!)-- you chose peach, I chose apricot (close) and we both honeymooned in Lake Tahoe. I miss you so much when I read this charming "fairy tale" (well, this part anyway ...).

I just saw you and you weren't in any moo-moo. What's all this "cow" talk? Be positive; you're just a bit less svelte right now due to the humidity and all. Or maybe you've been reading Noble Pig too regularly. I'm gaining weight just looking at the pics. ; ) Love ya!

Karen Deborah said...

hee hee thanks, I'm a cow, moooooo, or a pig, snuffle snort, slurp. Yep Gary think we look like sistah's too.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these're not done are you? Keep going, I think you have another 15 years or so to go.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I thought we were the only ones who set out mints and nuts at a wedding and called it dinner. My first marriage was to someone from The North and they were accustomed to a full-blown dinner. The nuts and mints just didn't cut it for them, but at least their breath was fresh.

Great story.

Heidi said...

I LOVE THIS STORY!!! LOL NO baby yet, not till the 30th... :) but i am sure he will be cute at least to me!! LOl :) Thanks for checking in on me, I will be updating shortly, I promise!

Karen Deborah said...

geez I was sure you had your little newbie