Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Twin Towers Remembered

Time has flown by most assuredly, without skipping a beat. Seven years ago today my heart did skip a beat, as I watched the TV in a pediatric patients room. I watched the coverage live. When the second plane hit, I thought immediately that it was a terrorist attack.

We tried to focus on our work. It was difficult to concentrate. I wanted to go home. I remembered the day as a child that J.F.Kennedy was killed. I remembered that our great country has enemies that hate her, both inside and out.

What I don't understand now and didn't understand then or ever, is why? Why do our colleges teach such anti-American propaganda? Why do we talk as if we are the guiltiest nation on earth? Why would these men do such a thing, and think of it as something sacred? There are no answers when such events unfold. There is no justification for such acts of murder.

I do remember the nation for a few days turning towards God. I remember the fireman staking the flag on the hill of ruins. I remember the courage of the rescuers. I remembered thinking that all the ashes were people who had been incinerated by the fires. As days went by and more stories came out I marveled. I saw the hand of God in Todd Beamers story, as the people on that plane took it to the ground and their deaths; but fought a battle for freedom. I remember that in those days our president experienced popularity and favor. We were a grateful people then. Why have we turned on the man as we have? Why should he leave office so disliked? I think as a country we should be ashamed of ourselves that we show so little respect for those who serve. whoever they are.

I may not and don't agree with everything he has done or hasn't done. But George W. Bush has served this country, and taken us through perilous times. Ask any man home from Iraq and he will tell you how grateful the people are. The media will not say anything to us positive. Why do we listen to them?

Why do we let this man leave office with his head hanging? Why do we not thank him?

God holds the hearts of kings in his hands and he does with them as he will. Instead of worrying about OBama and what will happen if he gets elected why not pray for the man? What would happen if all believers everywhere sought out the Lord and his will now as we did on this day seven years ago? What might happen? Does the Lord hold back his mighty hand because of weakness? Not hardly. Jesus did little in Nazareth because of their unbelief.

Regardless of your political persuasion, we should be Americans first. We need to treat all people well, including our leaders weather we approve of them or not. It is called respect. Our country had a severe warning that day. We have survived. Amazingly so has Ben Laden. How is a mystery.

We should think and remember today, and never forget. To all the servicemen and heroes of our land I thank you. My freedom isn't free.


Karen said...

Your words touched me. I will sit down with my kids tomorrow and write a letter to our President and thank him for his many hours of service.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I so totally agree and have always felt this way... he is OUR president and he is HUMAN ... it felt good to see and hear all that things happening with our nation back after the attacks it makes me ashamed of our country now... and how we as a people act and choose to place blame instead of taking responsibility and fixing the problems... I pray for us all.

Becky said...

Well said! Thank you for this post, I whole heartedly agree.

Anonymous said...

Everything you said is true, thanks for reminding me.

debi said...

A very touching post indeed.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I believe President Bush will leave office with his head held high because he knows who he serves. (Hint: it's not the media or the court of public opinion.)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Amen! What I am finding is that most blogs are going along with the same sentiments-- so why is this crazy anti-america stuff still going on-- in America?

Karen Deborah said...

the media

Anonymous said...

No, it's because of hateful, hypocritical religious right wing Christian freaks with their money grabbing, power and war hungry leaders. The media portrays them just right!

The USA used to stand for what was good - no more!

Wake up folks!