Friday, September 18, 2009

All In A Day's Time

Bread dough is not the only thing doubling in size around here. The question is if this is a kitten or a turkey. He gets into plenty of "kitten fun." If I could just let him know that he is "weaned" and get him to stop trying to suck up my face at 2am and 5 am and 7 am, we would be getting along much better. Sleep deprivation with a kitten? Am I demented? I don't seem to recall batting away a crazed kitten trying to invent a place to nurse off of any area of my skin; be it my neck, my chin, my nose or my earlobe, which really tickles. At first it was cute now it is just annoying. I want to SLEEP! He has grown a lot and is still too cute. How do I convince him that he is weaned? Better yet can he not see that I am not a cat?

OK, from a distance this is still pretty because it's green. It's a mess and those piles are the small ones, there is a big one in back. It has been raining often enough that the whole plot is mud. I need to harvest the gourds and get things cleaned up. I have been saying that, and nothing is happening because.....I just keep talking about it and that's it. Yeah, and I have been sick and don't feel real peppy yet.

It's a good excuse don't you think? This spot is looking lovely, it looks lovely most of the time. I would love for some rubeckia to really take off in here.

What's this? As I meandered from the back yard to the front looking for photo ops, my eye espied this brown box. Be still my fluttering heart! Is it my starter?

Not today, but it is something that I will use with sourdough.

A stone ware covered baking pan. It will get seasoned with use, similar to cast iron and it simulates a real old fashioned brick oven. I will hopefully get the blistered shiny crusts with this. I am excited to try it. When the starter gets here I'll feed it for a few days and then we are off and baking!!

It's going to be really fun. My family is so spoiled they only want the sour bread. Whose family has 3 different kinds of home made bread to chose from? And whose family actually has the spoiled people declaring their preferences? Yep, that would be me. I actually had a complaint that there were no more sour dough rolls. Says I, "the plain whole wheat is in the basket and it's fresh," and I heard, "but I don't want whole wheat, I want sour dough rye."

Totally dumbfounded, it has happened. They are spoiled with bread. Ya'll are droollin over any of it and we have picky people over here! Actually I think it's pretty cool. They aren't asking for Twinkies and Ho Ho's.


Tricia said...

I like the baking pan.

Rosie_Kate said...

Oooooh.... I'm so sorry I haven't sent your starters yet... I will do it very, very soon. You want sourdough and kombucha, right? I also have milk kefir and water kefir that I could easily share if you want them.

My husband and his siblings had a cat when they were kids who sucked on blankets-- for his whole life. Their beds always had soggy spots on them because the cat had been there sucking... ick.

Gourds-- a few years ago, I grew some "bushel" gourds. The plants when crazy, the flowers were gorgeous, and the gourds were enormous. I was also too lazy to harvest them. So I left them out there, all through a harsh Michigan winter, into spring... summer... and then they were perfect. The ones that weren't mature didn't make it (but they wouldn't even if I brought them in) and the mature ones cured wonderfully. The thing about gourds is that in curing, they mold really bad. That's really nasty, and bad for you to be around. My gourds just did that outside-- the outside molded and came off and all that was left was a fantastic hard shell. Benign neglect, that's what I'm talkin' about. :-)

Sorry for the ridiculously long comment...

Twisted Fencepost said...

That kitty sees you as the one who feeds it. So therefore, the nighttime face sucking will continue. tee hee
I had a cat that would wake me at night like that. I started feeding it just before bedtime and he left me to dream.
I have got to start making bread. I love fresh bread. Not that I need fresh bread. But I love it anyway.

Flea said...

Are you making raisin cinnamon sourdough?

Trudy in VA said...

My cat sucked on "his" blanket all his life! I don't know why we never seemed to get cats that felt weaned,but as long as he was sucking his banky and not me at 3 am, I was happy!

My neighbor makes sourdough bread each Friday and leaves me a loaf on my doorknob even if I'm not home. It's one of the things I look forward to on the weekends FRESH BREAD!! Yum! Still, it never inspires me to make my own anymore! She's in her 80s and I'm 60--she can do 4 times the work that I can! I am hoping that that it's because of the Fibromyalgia I have that makes such a big difference. She cans, freezes, gardens, cuts her own grass and looks after her 90 year old hubby who is blind. Talk about amazing!

Michelle said...

I love kittens and that little one is entirely too cute. I am sure he is making you crazy, but his cuteness will surely save him. Your bread baker do-hickey looks very interesting.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Sorry to say that kitten will probably always try to nurse you. We gave a cat to the neighbors and he sucked on their earlobes until the day he died of old age.

Your family is so smart to want the sourdough. I love the stuff. Everytime we go to San Francisco I eat a ton of the bread and bring some home.