Monday, September 28, 2009

How Do You Spell Contentment?

Babies, visiting babies and seeing his little chunky monkey sweet self. This little cutie has a very in hair do. His hair is falling out and he has a little Mohawk and a little tail at the nape of his neck. It's really hilarious and very cute. The lighting actually blurs out his curly top knot, but trust me it's there.
This baby has always been really strong and does things he's not "supposed" to be ready for, like standing up gripping your hands and he is 4 months. Yeah that's what I said too. Isn't his Mommy pretty?

Daddy is trying to get some giggles. We had a blast we always do, love these guys.

If we are not out visiting and are home, then yours truly is in the kitchen. Is there any other room really to be in? Today I made a whole pan of liver/mushroom pate. A loaf pan. I had to do it; it was a compulsory act.

Tucker thought he should eat some and Kayla whisked him away just in the nick of time. I gave him a teaspoon of it.

This is why I had to make the liver pate. I was raised on open faced leverpostej sandwiches at my grandparents house. Pate is so delicious on just the right flavor of bread. This batch hit the hip hip hooray button. I bit it and swooned, there melting into my palette was that wonderful flavor of childhood. I have improved it a bit because the original was a sandwich loaf, not sourdough. But Sour dough Sigtebrod, is to put it quite humbly; to die for.

Crunchy crust with soft airy bread inside, air holes and moist. It is a blend of rye, wheat and white flour. Perfecto. Anske LIBE! Skol!! Where's the pickles and beer?

Look at this, please don't mind me if I brag because I can't help myself. If I could flip a cartwheel I would.

Now this people, this is living! This is homemade Sigtebrod, with homemade liver pate, and homemade from the garden Danish pickles! I am dead and I am in heaven now. Fresh home made pickled beets, and an ice cold beer. Any takers? Actually I am so full I don't know how I am writing this post.

Dinner, this is dinner for those very un-Danes who gag at the sight of my feast and won't come to the table while I am eating it. I am positively giddy, that means that I alone will consume a whole loaf of liver pate single handedly; not in one night of course. If you must come and help me eat it I will even give you a beer.

I am so happy, this is living the good life. I love being home.


Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Pretty baby and beautiful mom! Would you be willing to post your recipe for the pate'? I would fight you at the table for it. You see, we Germans have something in common with you!!

Karen said...

Okay, you make some super-fab things, but I'll have to draw the line there. I'll take the bread, though.

farmlady said...

I'll bet this is a hundred times better than the Liverwurst I buy in the store. Is it even similar? Could you tell us how you make it? Wish I lived close enough to come and try some. Please enlighten us.
That's a cute little baby. Could it be that he's so strong, and doing things so early, because he has a grandma that loves him so much or is he's really a genius child like mine.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh my. I'll bet that liver pate was good. Is it like liverwurst? You take the homemaking award.

Unknown said...

Your culinary talents are never ending! Such a cute baby.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

PS The Mom of that cute baby looks young, young, young. When she's 80 she'll look 40. Lucky duck.

joanne said...

I'm with Farmlady, I want to know the details of this liver thing! I'll take you up on all the rest even tho' I'm no Dane!

Chris H said...

You obviously love cooking too! Good for you. I don't mind cooking, it's the eating of it that's the problem!

Chris H said...


Debbie in CA : ) said...

From one pate lover to another. Skoal!! Looks fabulous, yummy, and scrumptious all at once!
: D

My Danish cookbook arrived. Mouth-watering recipes!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love it all and i ll take tea instead of beer :)
you make a beautiful table :) and make me drool !
the baby s adorable and is very much like our bradley strong and so ahead of his time :) i so love me some bald headed babies!
love n hugs Laura

MaBunny said...

The baby is cute .. the liver pate? not so much... I can't eat liver in any form, but hats off to those who make it and can still eat it!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Gee whiz woman! You are making me crave some wierd food first thing this morning.
Baby is adorable. Mom is beautiful!
By the way, if I ever get down your way, I'm not going to a restaurant for supper, I'M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE!!! tee hee

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Isn't he DARLING!!! A is gorgeous, as usual! Wow!


ssshhhhh... I've never eaten liver patte... it sounds... YUCKY!!!

Michelle said...

Wow! I think this all looks so wonderful! I would love to sit down with you, eat, and have a cold beer. Sounds great!

Elysa said...

Thanks for posting Baby's pictures. I've got to see that little feller before he's all grown up!

Sidsel Munkholm - Author said...

Just ran across your blog while searching for a real sigtebrod recipe. And the description you had made me think it was very similar to the bread I had in Denmark. Any chance of getting the recipe? And your sandwich looks/ed wonderful, leverposteg med Asier. YUM