Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Day.

This is all that is left from summer, it's the only pretty part of the garden right now.

We are having a serious drought. Even my weeping willow seems strained and the purple sage looks like a leggy weed. I'm waiting on the Hunny to rototiller this so I can replant my iris tubers. Oh wait, I forgot not me, I will watch someone else plant my tubers. Just like I watched a friend come and clean up that flower bed. It was a huge mess and she spent a good 2 hours bending and sweating.
That is a GOOD friend. 
A real friend will weed for you.
That really raises the bar don't you think?

and this? Well his name is totally wrong for him.  I should have named him Giganticus. 
He may have Great Dane in his lineage. Do you see the bumper of that pickup truck? That puts it in perspective doesn't it? 6 months old and at least 50 pounds. He eats like a Saint Bernard. He is a bottomless pit. He loves the sweet potatoes and digs them up out of the garden and eats them.
I made a big mistake in his last batch of food.
I grated up broccoli stems. PPPPEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUU.
Guaranteed to give a pup gas. 
 This is a funny pile on my desk. One friend dropped off a book about fasting. I have lost 17 pounds since I fell so I'm not reading that right now. The blue cord is my pulley so I can torture myself at home.
PT has moved from pampering to pain, I knew it couldn't last forever.
And my daughter sent me 3 boxes of See's candy. It came with a note that said "I love you Mama."
I melted. My daughter remembered my favorite kind of candy, not just See's but my favorite piece! I like "summertime" I thought only my Grandma knew that. she made me feel so special.
I have big news. Jen and the kids are coming in November. I can't wait! That is a very big cheer up.
Speaking of big. He is turning out not to be black see all the colors in his coat? He's like an espresso brown with red in places. He is a whole lot of trouble right now. He is chewing up everything he's not supposed to chew. Today it was the garden hose. Yesterday it was a bunch of stuff in the Hunny's shed.
Hunny now calls him "Turkey." He is not making points. I make excuses for him because he is not getting enough exercise. As soon as the kids get here that problem will be solved. My grandson has wanted a dog forever.

I have my ups and downs, today has been a pretty good day. My shoulder needs to be iced down now that I have typed this. It's been so long since I had a good mood I had to share it. I really am impatient with typing with one hand so it's off to the freezer for me and howdy do to you!


Tatersmama said...

You're so right... that really is a good friend, if she'll come in to do your gardening for you! If I was closer, I'd even come do some myself. ;)

Now this is a great post, but I keep going back to THREE boxes of See's Candy and thinking that if it's too much for you - with the losing weight and all - I could always send you my address. Okay, I'm just joking.

And Giganticus? Holy cow, he's gonna be a HUGE boy when he's fully grown, isn't he?! Not that there's much nutritional goodness in garden!

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

I like your spunk! It can help.

Tricia said...

Glad you had a good day. Take care of yourself.

The dog is beautiful. Seems about as large as a standard poodle.

Michelle said...

So glad to read that you are having a good day. Glad that you will be having some visitors!

joanne said...

hoping those good days start to get closer and closer together so then they will all be good all the time;p I'm so excited to hear that all your babe's are coming to see you. You have to get better so you can start baking!!
take care...

Chris H said...

Have I ever said how much I love your home? It's beautiful.
The dog.. is freaking cute.

Jeanie said...

What a great friend you have to do the garden work. I am glad to hear that you've had a good day and have some really great things to look forward to.

Karen Deborah said...

T the dog is a purebred standard poodle, Im joking about the great dane thing. I'm just wondering how BIG he is going to get. At 6 months he is the same size as my other dog was fully grown. I don't mind at all it's just a lot of feeding, and then there are the cow patties in the yard to pick up.

Tat-Mama the Hunny is helping with the candy! I'm hoping not to gain back but this is tough to resist!

Flea said...

Your baby dog is GORGEOUS. I've never been a poodle fan, but the standards are wonderful dogs. Color me jealous. :)

Glad to hear you're having a good day!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a wonderful thing that your friend did for you! That's so neat. And that dog is a doll! He may be bad, but he will outgrown it. That's the puppy in him. He just looks big, but he's still a baby inside. ;-)

So happy that your grandchildren are coming for a visit! That really should be fun. And I hope that, through the pain, you will have gain and that your arm will be much, much better soon!


Sheila :-)

Kathy said...

Glad to read things are 'up'! Hang in there.